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First: the login thing doesn't work. I have to set edit rights to * in LocalSettings.php, then do it. And then the page editor/creator shows up as the IP address I'm running the script from. Which is okay for MY purposes, but...

Second: the script chokes on line breaks in the inputfile.txt, outputting them as %0D, which results in "Bad Title" errors.

Otherwise it's great!

MW 1.16.0beta2, PHP 5.2

[You can solve the "%0D" problem by adding "$title = str_replace("\r", "", $title);" just after "$title = str_replace("\n", "", $title);" in the source code. Wasn't able to solved the login problem though.]

For deleted pages[edit]

$submit_vars['wpRecreate'] = true;

is required to work with deleted pages



I haven't tested it yet, because I need a bulk parametrized page substitution. Will this be implemented in the near future? How would the parameters be passed to these templates?

Cybermandrake 16:39, 6 April 2011 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Word Files[edit]

My team would like to create a wiki for our work and best practices. Currently, all of our stuff is in Word files, some of them quite large. I have MediaWiki set up, and I have the Word add-on (to convert Word files to MediaWiki, which can then be pasted in), but have run into a couple of problems. 1) The Word add-on does not work when files are large or contain pictures. Do I need to convert them to HTML first and go from there? 2) Is the Bulk Page Creator the way to make all of these Word Files into pages at once? Has anyone seen any good step-by-step instructions for people who are not really tech people? I would really, really rather not have to create each page one by one. I've done a lot of searching for these answers, but apparently don't know the correct terms to get results. Thanks in advance!

Login Broken[edit]

As mentioned above, login is completely broken, at least with current MW (1.19.2)

This seems to work: Rpg32 (talk) 02:17, 1 December 2012 (UTC)Reply[reply]