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Skill Development Infrastructure for Wikimedia Community Kenya

Dear Community Members, as a follow-up to our meetings in December regarding our commnutity's Prioritisation areas in the Movement Strategy, i acknowledge that it's time to move forward with the next steps towards implementation.

I know we have all been caught up in the Covid-19 disruptions and some of us might have lost sight of what we discussed but do not worry, you can jog your memory and refer to the notes of our meetings here. [[1]]

Now, considering that we identified the following three areas Communication, Community and Project Management skills as key areas of challenge that Community members would benefit a great deal in through Capacity Building, i have put up a proposal for a Skill Development Instracture that involves bringing on board a Professional Consultant to help us with this.

Once the grant proposal is approved, the consultant will oversee a need assesment excercise that will help us map out the specific areas on the above three focus areas, that we should incorporate in our Skill Development Infrastructure and generaly oversee the development of the Project Plan

I will also be reaching out individually to all of you to get your suggestions on the Impactuful Topics you wish to see us prioritise.
We will also have both in person and virtual engagement sessions to keep you engaged and updated during the Skill Development Infrastructure process.
I look forward to all your particpation and collaboration
--Ms Kabintie (talk) 14:59, 25 May 2021 (UTC)[]