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Ideas to consider[edit]

thoughts from earlier meeting notes


Shared Mission
Does it make sense to have one for the organizational part of the Wikimedia movement? Who would do this, and would it be built from the existing WMF mission statement?

for how the movement works

Alignment against movement priorities (as laid out by movement strategic planning processes)
Commitment to a decentralized movement.
Commitment to transparency and multiculturalism

between the organizational part of the movement and the editing community

Specification of roles in the movement
and relationships between components of the organizational part of the movement

- should incorporate elements of the activities matrix
- should incorporate work on new models

Legitimacy requirements

- should incorproate work on what constitutes a legitimate part of the organizational part of the movement (including principles for becoming and staying legitimized by communities)
- See also Accountability mechanisms

Accountability mechanisms
(or better word for this)


- language
- mechanisms for interacting/building mutual understanding

Principles for fundraising
and allocation within the movement

what is excluded from this charter

Requirements for a good charter

- Relatively focused and short document (2-4 pages)
- Doesn't step into operational decision areas
- Not bland and generic, but that actually makes things clear.