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Note: The archived translations of the 2023 Movement Charter drafts are found here.

Translations and Outreach (2024)[edit]

Tagalog translation
Bikol Central translation

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The Movement Charter: Community Consultations 2022, 2023, 2024[edit]

♦ Movement Charter Community Consultations (opened 2022-present)

♦ Movement Charter Community Consultations 2023

♦ Movement Charter Community Consultations 2024

Follow the monthly Drop-in Sessions organized by the Movement Charter Drafting Committee.

As a welcoming space in this Pilipinas Panorama Community, constructive communication is expected of everyone.

The Universal Code of Conduct applies.


Elevating Community Voices as Movement Charter Ambassadors: Story from ESEAP
by Arcuscloud, Buszmail and VChang WMF, 29 June 2023

An excerpt from my life, movement, strategy and MCDC
by AAkhmedova WMF and Manavpreet Kaur, 30 March 2023

A Journey of a Thousand Steps
by Buszmail, with RalffRalff & Pilipinas Panorama Community (PPC), 30 November 2023

December Updates from the Movement Charter Drafting Committee
by AAkhmedova WMFand Movement Charter Drafting Committee, 16 January 2024

A glimpse of our movement beyond the ratification of the Movement Charter
by Ciell, 12 February 2024

Welcoming New Faces to AffCom: Embracing Change and Building Capacity
by Manavpreet Kaur, 26 April 2024

the Movement we need is on our shoulders
by Buszmail, 17 May 2024

Share your thoughts[edit]

What particulars in the Movement Charter do you feel you would like to comment on?

Sign the Pilipinas Panorama Guest Book.

♦ Movement Charter Community Consultations 2024

ESEAP KK24 - Movement Charter session