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Strong oppose. I am a native speaker of Buryad. I spoke only Buryad until I was 4. It was me who created an initial structure of Buryad Wikipedia (user:Tsebeen). At the time I wanted to become an administrator, but didn't know how. Now I would like to become an administrator and I will really appreciate if you can support me. I am one of the authors of the Electronic Textbook of Buryad ( Besides I have developed and maintain keyboard drivers for Buryad (currently available for Windows and iOS, the MacOS version beta tested for the moment). I have also contributed to Buryad translation if different projects at (user:Bjargal), last year I was busy developing the Electronic Textbook of Buryad v.2. It will be published soon on DVD.

And last but not least the user Kalmyk is blocked for being suspected a sockpuppet of another user. Is it a usual Wikipedia practice to discuss deletion of whole projects initiated by unknown person (or who wants to remain unknown)?

I feel very grateful for those of you who supported Buryad Wikipedia. Thank you so much for your efforts. I also do understand those who supported deletion: you want to keep the project you love so much free of unsuccessful stories.

I hope that the current situation in Buryad Republic will some time turn downside up in economic and all other aspects including linguistic one. I hope this time won't make us wait too long. Me and many of my fellow colleagues are doing our best to make it true. But 40 years without national school, under implicit imperial pressure, when the TV, publishing and education in your mother tongue is abandoned, is quite long period for people to start forgetting about who you are, and what you should do in this world. The Wikipedia is one of windows to outer world, not many people realize it here, but I am pretty sure the number will increase.

Thank you for reading this. Best regards for this and many days in future, Jargal (talk) 01:17, 2 April 2012 (UTC)