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Could this wiki please be either closed, or a prominent notice of the closure be left on the main page. I spent (read: wasted) a good few hours there this afternoon trying to work out what is going on there, as I feel that a few of the pages are probable copyright violations:

  • s:ht:Créole, école, rationalité - French - author is Yves Dejean and it was to be published in November 18, 2001 edition of Chemins Critiques [1].
  • s:ht:Code Noir - again French, copy of s:fr:Code Noir
  • s:ht:Konstitisyon 1987 - this appears to say the text is a translation by Pòl Dejan, and that it is © Éditions Libète, Imprimerie Deschamps, Port-au-Prince, 1996.
  • The PDFs are all modern and marked as copyright, with no indicate of OTRS permissions or even that the author has been contacted.

John Vandenberg 15:29, 29 April 2008 (UTC)