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1. It has a countless interest for the maintenance of the history, the culture, the traditions of the people that are living in the small villages where the Mirandese language continued being spoken every day.

2. To make justice for the writers, such us “Leite Vasconcelos” and several other recent writers, that have been putting in paper the rich cultural values and real culture of the illiterate people that are living in the humble and small villages;

3. To improve the history of Portugal with the several small stories of the mirandese people, that have been written in newspapers and books already published;

4. To increase the love of the portuguese people for the person that where born in small villages of Miranda area, due to the fact of having maintain a nice language during tuo million of years, whithout having being teached by the nobody of the Official professors of the portuguese country.

Leonardo Antão, 22 FEB 08

Maybe someday you will learn correct punctuation and grammar. 02:18, 22 February 2008 (UTC)Reply[reply]
Maybe someday you will be something other then an anonymous coward. In my opinion it is brave when people write in another language but their own. GerardM 08:24, 22 February 2008 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Current status of the Mirandese Wikipedia[edit]

This wiki is currently in an odd situation: it seems that the last editor with a native command of Mirandese (user Pisones) is no longer active since 24 September 2011. Of the almost one thousand articles created until now, only about one third were written by native or advanced speakers of the language, many of these articles being minimal stubs. All the other articles were created by Portuguese editors using a so-called Portuguese-Mirandese translator created by user Cecílio between 2008-10. This translator in fact only makes a word-by-word replacement, maintaining the Portuguese structure of the text (which is different from that of Mirandese), with an artificial result. A page was created by that same time inviting Portuguese editors to create articles using the translator.

User Garsd recently noticed the status of this wiki and is trying his best to fix the problems (he suggests to delete the artificially created articles and abandon the translator), but his knowledge of Mirandese is basic and all discussions are being conducted exclusively in Portuguese.

It seems that the number of native speakers of Mirandese is constantly reducing (fewer than 5,000 speakers now, according to the Wikipedia article). These people must be somehow attracted to the project, otherwise it risks becoming an artificial creation by Portuguese editors (in spite of their good intentions), losing its original meaning.

Some useful links for anyone interested:

Comments/suggestions are welcome. Regards, Capmo (talk) 18:08, 9 March 2013 (UTC)Reply[reply]