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This is definitely a useful project proposal. I can think of one other wiki which currently does this, Vagueware. The w:infoAnarchy wiki also does brainstorming on limited topics. Outside the wiki space, there are quite a few similar projects, such as ShouldExist, Halfbakery, Everything2, Foresight Exchange .. I think the wiki model works well here, as it could help in sorting out silly ideas from reasonably well-developed ones.

Such a wiki would greatly benefit from being part of the large Wikimedia family of projects, as it needs a community to work. As for the naming, I think it should have its own domain. If we want to be consistent, it should probably start with "Wiki-", e.g. Wikistorm, WikiWays, Wikimind ...--Eloquence


great project. would like to see 'wikichange' as a place to incubate ideas for social change in our local communities, regions, nations and for global development...to tackle any issue facing humanity. the wiki system is a perfect foundation to go from knowledge to taking action to change society. a 'take action on this issue' section could be integrated into wikipedia articles. see http://wpio.org/workingpaper.htm - thanks, michael - hazdawg@yahoo.com

Patents and licensing[edit]

It's not possible to create a copyright (or copyleft) license that controlls how ideas are spread or used. Ideas cannot be copyrighted, only writings or other sequences of symbols, which may happen to encode some ideas in one particular way. Useful ideas can be patented. Patents, however, can be nullified if the underlying concepts can be shown to have been previously published (see prior art). So, the mere publication, in any form, of an idea on such a web site would prevent everyone else (other than the person who first posts it) from getting patent protection (assuming the prior art is discovered and reported to the patent office, or the judicial system, if there is a lawsuit). You could have everyone who posts approve a line that says "I agree not to patent any ideas I post on this site", but I'm not sure that would be enforcable in court. -- Beland 05:12, 29 May 2005 (UTC)Reply

I have been using this github repository instead[edit]

Open source ideas is a repo where you can share your software ideas --Sistemx (talk) 02:36, 13 March 2019 (UTC)Reply