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How will renaming/merging accounts work?

Hi! I have a question concerning the Single User Login finalisation, I hope this is the right place to ask.

I wanted to change my username globally, so some time ago I started to request changing my username on wikis where I had have an account. By now, on many wikis the renaming has been done, but there are still several wikis where it hasn't. So my question is, how will renaming/merging of local accounts work after the SUL finalisation? If I merge the remaining accounts with my old username in a global account, am I able to merge that whole global account with my other global account with my new username?

For example: I have usernames OldName and NewName, which are both global accounts. I have NewName local account on A-wiki, B-wiki and C-wiki, and I have OldName local account on C-wiki, D-wiki and E-wiki - is it possible to remove C-wiki from NewName, and move C-wiki, D-wiki and E-wiki from OldName to NewName?

Sanyi4 (talk) 09:32, 24 July 2013 (UTC)

Yes. --MF-W 17:11, 24 July 2013 (UTC)
OK. Thanks! -- Sanyi4 (talk) 06:55, 25 July 2013 (UTC)