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What does

Please list the specific projects that you need to be renamed in under your request, unless you are requesting a global rename. mean? Post SUL, how can an user be renamed on a specific wiki? Winged Blades of Godric (talk) 06:16, 13 September 2019 (UTC)

Winged Blades of Godric, It is still needed for complicated renames, for eg. see this request. ‐‐1997kB (talk) 07:04, 13 September 2019 (UTC)
... That said, that wording is not clear. I've renamed the section and expanded the text -- does this make any sense? – Ajraddatz (talk) 13:40, 13 September 2019 (UTC)

Request for reversal of vanishing

This section has been blanked as a courtesy. See here for discussion.--GZWDer (talk) 17:40, 27 September 2019 (UTC)


I already submit rename request. Please change as soon as possible. I'm blocked in japanese wiki per Inappropriate username.--Brillia (talk) 02:50, 11 October 2019 (UTC) -- moved from Special:Diff/19452501. ‐‐1997kB (talk) 03:05, 11 October 2019 (UTC)

@1997kB:Thanks! But,Why? I want rename. U can change my username. --Brillia (talk) 05:49, 11 October 2019 (UTC)
@Brillia: Sorry, but I can't handle your request as I don't know Japanese language in which your new username is. So please wait for a renamer who know Japanese. I'll ping some: @Rxy, Sakretsu, and Nihonjoe: FTR request is Special:GlobalRenameQueue/request/56623. ‐‐1997kB (talk) 06:34, 11 October 2019 (UTC)
@1997kB: Oh!sorry! But, I don't stick to Japanese username. There is no problem with English username. Prioritize unblock!Whatever is fine.--Brillia (talk) 06:52, 11 October 2019 (UTC)
@Brillia: In that case please make another request with your preferred username, and make sure it doesn't violate Japanese wiki's username policy. I'll cancel the earlier request from you. ‐‐1997kB (talk) 07:11, 11 October 2019 (UTC)
@よーくねーるさんしんさて: well no need, someone already handled old request. ‐‐1997kB (talk) 07:13, 11 October 2019 (UTC)
Looks like it. Thank you very much!!!--よーくねーるさんしんさて (talk) 07:15, 11 October 2019 (UTC)

Tanvir babu

Hello, today I got the message that my account rename request was rejected from Tanvir babu to Md. Tanvir Alam due to an existing name as Md. Tanvir Alam , i want to state that the username or page as "Md. Tanvir Alam" with description of "A rare species of homo sapiens, with 24 base pair. "was created by me as a futile attempt to rename my existing username. please advise.

sincerly yours- Md. Tanvir Alam The preceding unsigned comment was added by Tanvir babu (talk • contribs) 02:52, 18 August 2019‎ (UTC)

@Tanvir babu: Hey, if it's not too late I'll be very happy to accept your request, please submit via Special:GlobalRenameRequest. Cheers! ‐‐1997kB (talk) 06:09, 5 December 2019 (UTC)

Username rejected due to earlier change

Hi, today my change username request was rejected because I changed it already today. Now I have to wait 6 months.

However, the first change I made was valid following EN wiki rules, but not on NL wiki rules, so I only want to change it once more. If I have to wait 6 months I'll be blocked on the NL side of things. Any thoughts? Kees at Trade Cover Exchange (talk) 13:18, 27 November 2019 (UTC)

@Kees at Trade Cover Exchange: Please submit another request via Special:GlobalRenameRequest. Also as you choose real name in last request, are you aware of risks using a real name? ‐‐1997kB (talk) 05:54, 5 December 2019 (UTC)

Change of username

Attempt rejected to change user RogerSchmidt to UserRog. This request is for privacy. Could you revisit? RogerSchmidt (talk) 13:07, 4 December 2019 (UTC)

@RogerSchmidt: Please submit another request via Special:GlobalRenameRequest. Also for your information that multiple requests within short period of time are generally rejected if there's no good reason, which was the case here. ‐‐1997kB (talk) 05:46, 5 December 2019 (UTC)

?? Similar ??

I was told on commons this wasn't their problem and pointed me here.

I tried to change my username a week or so ago. After waiting a couple of days I got a message saying my request was denied because the name was **similar** to other usernames.

I replied to the email asking what this was about but got no response.

This is baffling to me. Similar? It either duplicates another username or it doesn't.

I have been contributing to Wikipedia & Commons for about 15 years. It's hard to estimate but I have made about 1800 contributions. I made up this user name when I joined initially and didn't really know what Wikipedia was all about. Now I would like to use my real name Jim Evans so I can get credit for my contributions. It appears to me most people use pseudonyms but when I want use my real name I'm told it's similar to an existing username

If it duplicates an existing user name every other website I've been to tells you that immediately. But, waiting 2 days to be told it's similar????? If it doesn't duplicate an existing user name it should be approved. Please do so. Wiki name (talk) 21:21, 22 November 2019 (UTC)

@Wiki name: Hey Jim, Apologies for delay again! Well if you could submit another request via Special:GlobalRenameRequest I'll be very happy to accept it as the similar Jimevans isn't active really and should be no problem. Also as you are choosing real name you should see en:WP:REALNAME once. Waiting for your request. ‐‐1997kB (talk) 06:03, 5 December 2019 (UTC)
I submitted another request like you said and AGAIN is was denied on the same basis?????? Wiki name (talk) 22:06, 7 December 2019 (UTC)
I don't understand what's happening here. As I said on the 7th, I submitted a second request (see reply above) and it was denied. It has been about two weeks now since then and still nothing. Please act on this. Also, I posted a comment on your Talk page about this which seems to have disappeared. I'll post it again, but this is becoming rediculious. Wiki name (talk) 22:51, 17 December 2019 (UTC)

Name change request denied because "Usernames that are simply names of companies or groups are not permitted.”


So, Wikipedia won’t let me have my account name as “callumdisney” because "Usernames that are simply names of companies or groups are not permitted.

I assume this is because “Disney” is the name of a company. Well, Disney is actually my legal surname, so I would appreciate if I could name my account that.


Callum Disney. Wikical07 (talk) 17:35, 25 December 2019 (UTC)

@Wikical07: Sure, thanks for explaining. I'm going to rename your account now. --Martin Urbanec (talk) 17:38, 25 December 2019 (UTC)
@Martin Urbanec: Thanks, Martin Urbanec. --Callum Disney (talk) 18:14, 3 January 2019 (UTC)

Why can't I change my username from Tefronltd to Tefron Ltd.?

I made a typo the first time with the username and I wanted to change it into Tefron Ltd. instead of Tefronltd, but it doesn't get approved because apparently it's a "promotional username"!!! what does that even mean? how do I change my username into that?!! —The preceding unsigned comment was added by Tefronltd (talk) 15:48, 16. january 2020‎

You can't. Usernames featuring corporate names are not welcome in Wikimedia space because they serve mainly to promote a corporation, not represent an individual editor. That makes communication difficult, if we're trying to maintain a community of editors. Please choose a more individual username, then you can disclose your affiliation on your user page - but please avoid publishing content about your employer which is against the rules on conflict of interest in most wikis. — Yerpo Eh? 17:47, 16 January 2020 (UTC)

I want to change my username

How can i change my username By onemsiz (talk) 18:31, 16 January 2020 (UTC)

@By onemsiz: Request here. ‐‐1997kB (talk) 07:40, 17 January 2020 (UTC)

How hard can it be to change your nickname?

You made a simple task so hard that I am literally in anger. I just wanted to change my nickname Fatihkutay to Magical Euphoria so I filled a form, but that form didn't change my nickname and instead, it created a new account as Magical Euphoria.

Now you have denied my nickname change because MagicalEuphoria is a new account and said that I have to prove that it is mine. For God's sake, even changing your real name in real life is much easier than this and requires less bureaucracy and process. Fatihkutay (talk) 16:47, 19 January 2020 (UTC)

@Fatihkutay: Which form did you fill out? It sounds like you filled out the account creation form instead of the rename request form, which you can find here. Changing one's username is as simple as filling that form out and waiting for it to be approved, after which your account will be renamed and you will be able to log in to the new username using your existing password. —k6ka 🍁 (Talk · Contributions) 18:31, 19 January 2020 (UTC)
@K6ka: Hello, I am linking the aforementioned form here. Thanks in advance. What do I have to do in order to change my nickname to MagicalEuphoria or Magical Euphoria (doesn't matter) and use it globally? The form I have filled. Fatihkutay (talk) 10:37, 20 January 2020 (UTC)
@Magical Euphoria: Renamed to Magical Euphoria. ‐‐1997kB (talk) 16:06, 20 January 2020 (UTC)

A doubt

Happy weekend to all, i'm a principal user on and i'm trying to solve a doubt here about my usernames in other projects. In 2015, in the middle of my long wikipause, the bot Maintenance script moved my accounts in some of the other projects in "User: Elcairo ~ enwiki", Elcairo ~ itwiktionary and so on, and now, trying to access (that at the moment i performed only on enwiki, wikiquote and wikisource) i've created parallel users with the same credentials (ex: "User: Elcairo" and "User: Elcairo ~ itwikisource"). Can anyone help me to understand what is the correct procedure to unify the accounts (including contributions) in the various projects and bring the situation back to normal? Thanks for your attention! --Elcairo (talk) 15:14, 1 February 2020 (UTC)

"Z4xh" is too similar to "Zaxh" (which isn't even registered)

Zaxh isn't even registered, according to:

So, any valid reason I can't have my username changed?

@Wackywired135: Zaxh is registered on zhwiki and since SUL after any local creation username is reserved globally. But as they don't seems active, I'm happy to accept your request to Z4xh, please request here and ping me after that. ‐‐1997kB (talk) 16:36, 11 April 2020 (UTC)

Renommage en Nph12

Je n'ai pas pu être renommé en Nph12 car Sycomore28 (mon faux-nez) s'appelait avant comme ça mais je l'ai renommé exprès en Sycomore28 pour pouvoir être renommé moi-même en Nph12. Sycomore21 (talk) 12:52, 13 April 2020 (UTC)

Single section

Hey everyone, As I see most people do not read instructions and most requests (even simple) are placed in usurpation section. Even in usurpation section users do not place them below existing requests.

To solve this problem I tested a button to request but since we have two section button doesn't work as expected, so I was thinking if merge both the section into one and then implement a pre-filled button. Or if someone can offer a solution for wired behaviour of two buttons that will work too. The problem with two buttons for each section is that no matter what it places all the request in bottom of usurpation section. ‐‐1997kB (talk) 16:45, 11 April 2020 (UTC)

I would split requests in two subpages like Steward requests/Username changes/Simple and Steward requests/Username changes/Other, then trasclude them here and use InputBox to create a standard button for each one--Sakretsu (炸裂) 22:40, 12 April 2020 (UTC)
  • I don't think having two separate page will solve the problem of users not placing request at bottom and I think it will complicate the archiving. I suggested merging into one section because preload template is same for both types of requests, so we can keep them in same section and can use single button for both types, it will also simplify the interface for user's requesting rename. Pinging bot operator @جار الله: as this will affect archiving too. ‐‐1997kB (talk) 14:46, 13 April 2020 (UTC)
  • I don't think it's important to have this splitted. Requests that stay on hold on the page are usurpations, others are simple. I'm in favour of merging. Best, --Martin Urbanec (talk) 21:12, 29 April 2020 (UTC)


@1997kB: Hello, I applied for a name change yesterday. However, it was not realized, I requested it again. This time I created it by checking the username. I'm sure there is no such username. Please check. --Ezdînşêr Bêkendî (talk) 12:28, 26 April 2020 (UTC)

To change my username

Hello I would like to change my username from XxoleXx to lil probe XxoleXx (talk) 01:37, 6 September 2020 (UTC)

Hello I would like to change my username from skelvin Dee Rapgod to skelvin Skelvin dee rapgod (talk) 12:55, 13 September 2020 (UTC)

Hello I prefer to changed my username from MRCG Analysis Centre to simply MRCG MRCG Analysis Centre (talk) 23:01, 19 September 2020 (UTC)

Similar name

i request name change to BUD 79,but There is an similar account name called User:Bud79 so i cant do that. so how to requesting other name??KRLCLine (talk) 13:05, 26 October 2020 (UTC)

Delet account

How to delete accounts that were created at login? —The preceding unsigned comment was added by (talk) 17:23, 15 July 2020‎ (UTC)

My request for user-name change

Note: the request (that has been declined) is to change a user name that is in Hebrew, I hope that this is the right place to discuss it...

To make a long story short:

  • Years ago I created an account in Hebrew Wikipedia, with my real name as the user name (יוסי גלס).
  • Shortly after that I decided that I prefer to use a nickname and asked to change the user name to יוסי האדום.
  • Recently I wanted to change back (getting older, I want it to be easier for my kids to find my page :)
  • I wanted to explain why I want the change, therefore (thinking that the change is done by humans who can read Hebrew), I wrote in the "new name" field "אנא קראו את הבקשה" (which means: 'please read my request').
  • The bot that got it changed my user name to this... So my user name now is 'please read my request' :(
  • Can you change it to "יוסי גלס", please?

--אנא קראו את הבקשה (talk) 17:12, 9 November 2020 (UTC)

@אנא קראו את הבקשה: Don't worry we can fix this. But when I checked the history of renames on your account I could not find that you were re-named from יוסי גלס to יוסי האדום.
Further on search I found that sulutil:יוסי גלס already registered and have 21 edits. So if it was your account just login with it and sign here to confirm. ‐‐1997kB (talk) 02:15, 10 November 2020 (UTC)
@1997kB I don't remember the mail address that I used to create יוסי גלס. I did it many years ago. It was before I had my gmail account. But this was my account: all the pages prefixed by יוסי גלס are mine --אנא קראו את הבקשה 16:29, 11 November 2020 (UTC)
@אנא קראו את הבקשה: For the rename you need to confirm ownership by some means. So we can't do much if you are unable to confirm that it was your account. ‐‐1997kB (talk) 16:34, 11 November 2020 (UTC)
@1997kB I just checked the account "יוסי גלס". If you look at you will see that the user name was changed to "יוסי האדום".
And as I wrote above, I asked to change "יוסי האדום" back to "יוסי גלס". So I just want to revert the change that was made ~15 years ago. I hope that this makes sense... --אנא קראו את הבקשה (talk) 17:43, 11 November 2020 (UTC)
@יוסי האדום: That note on talk page is added by you and I also can not find any rename info in local logs, so I can not find that it was your old name. Also I have renamed you back to your old username. ‐‐1997kB (talk) 04:54, 12 November 2020 (UTC)
@1997kB OK. Thanks much for your help! --יוסי האדום 11:08, 12 November 2020 (UTC)
@1997kB BTW, can you check if the user "יוסי גלס" has an email address associated with it? Since I ams ure that I changed the name to "יוסי האדום", it shouldn't have an email address, right? --יוסי האדום (talk) 17:22, 13 November 2020 (UTC)
@יוסי האדום: If your username was changed then there should be no account at all. About the email address, I think Martin Urbanec can help us out. ‐‐1997kB (talk) 15:26, 14 November 2020 (UTC)
I can technically access that data, but I can't really publish it (it's confidential). As far as I can see, יוסי_גלס is an account that still exists, and was created in August 2006. If you can access that account, then you can view the data in your preferences. If you can't, I'm afraid we cannot help you with figuring that out. Martin Urbanec (talk) 23:32, 14 November 2020 (UTC)
Thank you! I give up, but I really appreciate your help! :( --יוסי האדום (talk) 06:30, 15 November 2020 (UTC)

My username (locked globally on all wikis) changed to something more polite for the seriousity of the subject-argument I was mostly involved in

Hello, I am blocked on all wikis (it doesn't even let me login), but still I try to have my username changed (I already tried months ago, and I think the reason it wasn't done was that I was blocked).

The issue is that my user and talk pages at wikimedia and wikipedia report my username which is SuperSucker, while I wanted it to be changed to something more casual. The fact that it's about suck is almost ridiculous since the subject-argument I was mostly involved in is male and female suicide. Very weird.

All I could do in the past was to sign my uploads with another username I would prefer (SuperPark).

Nonetheless, my talk pages at wikimedia and wikipedia report information of myself and such is quite twisted in my opinion, on the same line. I don't want anymore to show so much personal involvement with a picture of myself. I believe the subject-argument so serious demands the opposite of a personification of myself. Nevertheless, I'm worried about the personal involvement I publicly depict showing both the information on the languages I speak (babel information) and how I look. I feel as in real life this has taken me to confront a form of character assassination, given the "intesity" of the subject-argument, suicide, it's understandable.

Please would you help me in this regard then?

In the last couple of days I tried to remove babel information and images myself but I was reverted, probably because I can't prove it's me SuperSucker. I still possess the email I used to register the username SuperSucker so I could prove it's me if you need.

To be clear, I also uploaded works in the subject-argument of history since mid-2018 (almost a year after I began uploading on suicide) but those were only updates consisting of very small modifications, nothing that required the work I had put into the files on suicide, from scratch. The number of files I uploaded on history/miscellaneous subjects is probably less than 10%, the rest are all on suicide and so many made from zero.

So I am requesting:

  1. my username to be changed to SuperPark
  2. the babel information and the images on my wikimedia and wikipedia talk pages to be removed

Excuse me if this is the wrong message board. 2A02:C7F:982E:7900:F4A8:F8A0:B129:45CC 06:48, 17 November 2020 (UTC)

Since your account is locked, the best way to communicate with Stewards would be to email stewards(at)wikimedia(dot)org. ‐‐1997kB (talk) 02:42, 21 November 2020 (UTC)
@1997kB, FæA, and E4024: A steward replied that stewards can't make edits on behalf of banned users (maybe they do not want to jump on the admins of individual wiki projects).
Excuse me. I, SuperSucker, on the other hand, believe the "wiki environment" is still extraordinarily feminist as against gender equality, and that deleting my photo (read the note below please) won't solve the issue of my talk pages (at wikimedia and wikipedia) resembling profile pages. I believe they look unprofessional and unnedeed, by-products of the problems I was facing in real life. Believe it or not, people forced me to appear as a talkative and empathetic editor, so that I looked amateurish, for the sole purpose of removing credibility from my anti-feminism contributions.
Read my friend's contributions (usernames MedicalWorker and, after ban, NoTengoFriends) since December, to understand all this better. In short, some hypocrite and bigot individuals from Britain, together with some from Italy, stalked me in real life here in England where I migrated to in 2016, only to disrupt my wiki contributions on the topic of male and female suicide, at first, and much later even looking to take credit as a team (would you believe it?) for these contributions, and this for entire years (well, since end of 2017 and beginning/mid 2019, when I had to basically stop contributing). Very outrageous situation. Unfortunately, a couple of them are admins in wiki projects too they proved me, yet without disclosing their usernames.
Also, I have no desire to have my accounts unlocked from the ban (this is something that was raised by the steward via email).
Also, I think it's weird that stewards can't supersede admins (I tend to suspect my admin stalkers, who did show up again after my long wiki-silence, but not as hostile as before, could be friends with some stewards). By the way, I broke my wiki-silence on November 13th 2020, concomitant with Trump's demise, somehow hoping something had changed, and hoping to correct what I could recall I wanted to at my files on male and female suicide (small errors that still made a difference between right and wrong however). My friend did help on this, and believe my time here in the wiki-world is really over, if not only for this issue with the talk pages looking unprofessional. Indeed the problem with the username was fixed for the most part by just removing it from the file pages (as you can see here).
Note: I replied here, but this would be an update to this comment from my real life friend (now banned on both accounts). 2A02:C7F:982E:7900:7C68:4D41:EA52:CACB 16:05, 7 January 2021 (UTC)

Renaming of accounts with large edit numbers

Hi! I could not find anything in the policies, is there a limit to the account renaming, regarding the number of edits? The old account has over 160,000 edits. I sort of remember that in the past it was not possible to rename such accounts. is that still the case? Thank you. Teemeah (talk) 11:55, 22 December 2020 (UTC)

Teemeah, Number of edits is no more an issue. We even had renamed a bot account with 1,200,000 edits. ‐‐1997kB (talk) 13:43, 22 December 2020 (UTC)
Thanks a lot! Teemeah (talk) 13:50, 22 December 2020 (UTC)


salve, potete bloccare <hidden> questo wikicollega che ha il nickname offensivo?? --SurdusVII 13:36, 26 February 2021 (UTC)

Ciao SurdusVII, quell'utente aveva subito un lock globale a giugno 2020. Non era necessario ripetere il suo nome utente, visto che era molto offensivo e quindi l'ho rimosso. Ciao :) --Superpes15 (talk) 11:00, 27 March 2021 (UTC)

Rename request rejected?

Hello, I recently requested to change my username from "Hulged" to "ZzzzZ". But it was rejected. The reason given by the responder was: We will not consider renaming editors in bad standing. You need to deal with your block first. Why? I want to continue to contribute to projects other than English Wikipedia. I tried to appeal my block, but they say, follow the WP:OFFER and come back after 6 months. I have also emailed the WP:ArbCom to give me a chance. Will anyone please process it now. –Hulged†^|k⟩ 12:40, 10 April 2021 (UTC)

Hulged, 95.52% of your edits are on that project and renaming you will affect a lot of pages related to your block on English Wikipedia. So no we will not rename you. ‐‐1997kB (talk) 13:47, 10 April 2021 (UTC)
1997kB, thanks for the reply. But I want to take this username. It seems good to me. I liked it! –Hulged†^|k⟩ 13:50, 10 April 2021 (UTC)
Hulged, I don't see that a valid reason while you are under an active block. ‐‐1997kB (talk) 13:53, 10 April 2021 (UTC)
1997kB, trust me I won't do anything wrong from now on. I want to rename my account. This will be my last rename request as I want to keep this username (ZzzzZ). –Hulged†^|k⟩ 13:59, 10 April 2021 (UTC)
@Hulged: We can not process your request because you are not in good standing on other Wikimedia projects. Global renames are only provided to users who are in good standing. Do not continue to argue with us over how you "want this username", because it shows you don't understand why we are declining your request and will only guarantee that you will not be renamed. —k6ka 🍁 (Talk · Contributions) 14:59, 10 April 2021 (UTC)
K6ka, ok. Sorry for behaving like that. –Hulged†^|k⟩ 17:14, 10 April 2021 (UTC)


Good morning, Today I received an email from your team with this content: "The request to rename" The Huēy Tlahtoāni "to" Quetzalcōātl "could not be completed.

Notes from the declining user: The chosen name is too close than existing accounts: QUETZALCÓATL, Quetzal Coatl, Quetzal-coatl, QuetzalcoatL, Quetzalcoatl. Please pick another name. ". Well, I do not find that for the sole fact that the username I want is similar (and not so much) to other usernames, as these cases are often found on Wikipedia and I am not aware that their username request has been accepted. . Furthermore, if one correctly writes the username of the user in question he is looking for, he will certainly not run the risk of condfindersi. This is why I beg you to be kind and accept my new username, which I really care about. Thank you so much for your kindness, Yours sincerely

The Huēy Tlahtoāni (talk) 12:23, 9 April 2021 (UTC)

The Huēy Tlahtoāni, In order to avoid confusion we don't rename when there are too many accounts with similar usernames. So I am afraid but we can't accept it. ‐‐1997kB (talk) 13:56, 10 April 2021 (UTC)

Is there no way for my username to be accepted? ... For example, will I put digits at the beginning or end of the username I proposed? The Huēy Tlahtoāni (talk) 06:43, 11 April 2021 (UTC)

The Huēy Tlahtoāni, With digits we can accept it as it will be distinguishable enough. ‐‐1997kB (talk) 10:55, 11 April 2021 (UTC)

Rejected my request to change my username from Coupdecooeurlondon which is a typo to the correct spelling Coup De Coeur London

I have had a email saying my request to change my username from Coupdecooeurlondon (which is a typo as there is only 1 'o' in Coeur) has been declined as it violates Wikipedia's policy. The request to rename "Coupdecooeurlondon" to "Coup De Coeur London" could not be completed. This is the email I received. I only want to change the way our company name is spelt as I mistyped it in when I created the username. So I would really like reconsideration of this as I don't think it is unreasonable to request this change as it was a typo in the first place of our company name. Please reconsider or if anyone knows how I can change it myself please let me know as it doesn't seem possible to change it myself?

Note from the declining user: That username (and your current username) violates —The preceding unsigned comment was added by Coupdecooeurlondon (talk) 08:33, 5 May 2021 (UTC)

  • There is no way for you to change your username yourself, you can only request the change. Since you're editing on simple: here's the same policy from that wiki - simple:Wikipedia:Username#Offensive names policy - "Do not create or use promotional usernames, such as the name of a company." Your userpage there is pure advertising. Cabayi (talk) 17:16, 5 May 2021 (UTC)