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Add TZ to steward list

Hello, had occasion to view this page for the first time recently. The language list column in the table is very useful, but another handy column would be Time Zone. Or perhaps better, an indication of what hours a steward would prefer or be most likely to be available. I'm not too familiar with meta; if a magic word can detect a viewing editor's time zone from their settings, then an ideal format for the data values in this column would be a pair of values (perhaps stacked vertically in one cell), e.g., for an editor viewing the table from their home in Western Australia:

+/- Name IRC nick Languages spoken Preferred hours Active from
Example exauser en, ca-1, it-2, de-3, fr-5 03:00-13:00 (UTC)
11:00-21:00 (WAT/Perth)

The point being, that the "Perth" TZ in the example is the viewing editor's TZ, not the Steward's TZ. Thanks, Mathglot (talk) 21:25, 27 June 2019 (UTC)