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Any idea how to workaround the max tranclusion list? [1] Bennylin 11:23, 25 February 2013 (UTC)Reply

Discourage people from using voting templates like {{support}} and {{remove}}. (Or subst them.) Jafeluv (talk) 08:24, 28 February 2013 (UTC)Reply

Confirmations - closing discussion for stewards


This section is for steward discussion only. Please do not comment in this box unless you are a steward. Other community members, please discuss in a separate section.

After considering the comments and discussions, ElectCom has come up with the following results on the annual re-confirmation of existing Stewards. All stewards are welcome to comment on the results below.

On behalf of the Election Committee,
Snowolf How can I help? 21:05, 3 March 2013 (UTC)Reply

User Confirmed? Tally (K/R/N) Notes
Andre Engels no 1/4/1
Avraham yes 6/0/0
Axpde no 0/6/0
Barras yes 6/0/0
Bencmq yes 6/0/0
Bennylin yes 6/0/0
Billinghurst yes 6/0/0
Bsadowski1 yes 6/0/0
DerHexer yes 5/0/0
Elfix yes 6/0/0
Fr33kman no 2/4/0
J.delanoy yes 6/0/0
Jusjih yes 6/0/0
Jyothis yes 6/0/0
Laaknor yes 6/0/0
Leinad yes 3/2/1
Luckas Blade resigned - This user has resigned.
M7 yes 6/0/0
MBisanz yes 6/0/0
Matanya yes 6/0/0
MarcoAurelio yes 6/0/0
Mardetanha yes 6/0/0
Mav resigned - This user has resigned.
Melos yes 6/0/0
Mentifisto yes 6/0/0
Millosh yes 6/0/0
Pathoschild yes 6/0/0
PeterSymonds yes 5/0/0
Pundit yes 6/0/0
Quentinv57 yes 5/0/0
Ruslik0 yes 6/0/0
Shizhao yes 6/0/0
Snowolf yes 5/0/0
Tegel yes 6/0/0
Teles yes 6/0/0
Thogo yes 6/0/0
Trijnstel yes 6/0/0
Vituzzu yes 5/0/0
Wikitanvir yes 6/0/0
Wpedzich yes 6/0/0


Stewards (including those who are newly-elected) may express their questions, concerns or agreement to the results below.