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Some thoughts as input[edit]

Thanks for putting this together. Digging in my memory, some trails that would need further investigation to include them (not sure how accurate my memory is here):

  • I recall a heated Berlin Chapters Meeting (in the Deutsche Telekom tower, 2009) with Mike Godwin proposing a new trademark policy that would require chapters to use the 'puzzle piece' instead of the logo. This conversation cooled down a lot when a board member basically stated that the WMF would never sue a chapter over trademarks.
  • In 2009 discussions around the fundraiser happened. At the time, it was common to offer donors two donation buttons: one for the WMF, one for the chapter. There were discussions (before and during Wikimania Buenos Aires) about how to split the screen. I believe it was that year that we ran a pilot (WMNL only or also other chapters?) to only have one button, and split the money afterwards - with the expectation that the total amount would go up (less choices to make for the donor). Did this later become the default?
  • Wiki Loves MOnuments was in its turn inspired by Wiki Loves Art, one of the first big public events. First edition was in 2008 or 2009 in New York (focus on taking as many pictures as possible), and then repeated with strong changes to focus on quality (best picture) in 2009 in the Netherlands. That was not feasible to repeat (although successful), and hence WLM was born the year after. WLM expanded to Europe and got Guinness World Record in 2011.
  • I think the complexities around the WMBR recognition had a large impact on the chapter recognition framework.
  • FIrst chapters meeting (2008) in Nijmegen may be relevant to mention. Before that, strategic retreats happened.
  • First community elections to the board may be relevant.
  • I would include the start of Iberocoop - which resulted not only in collaboration in the Latin-American world, but also a broader recognition that exchange of experiences is important.
  • The creation of the German fundraising vehicle may be worth mentioning
  • Should the creation and redesigns of the Advisory Board be included?

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