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The associated page is used by the TitleBlacklist MediaWiki extension, and lists strings of regular expressions that may not be used as page titles or usernames on any Wikimedia projects. Any Meta-Wiki administrator or steward can edit this blacklist.

For more information on what the title blacklist is for, and the processes used here, please see Title blacklist/About.

Please post comments to the appropriate section below: Proposed additions, Proposed removals, or Troubleshooting and problems, read the messageboxes at the top of each section for an explanation. Also, please check back some time after submitting, there could be questions regarding your request. In addition to that, please sign your posts with ~~~~ after your comment.

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Proposed additions[edit]

Symbol comment vote.svg This section is for proposing that a page title be blacklisted; add new entries at the bottom of the section. Provide links demonstrating widespread creation by multiple users or IP's. Completed requests will be marked as done or denied and archived.

Javad Ramezani[edit]

Status:    Done

This is a serious case of vandalism/spam spanning multiple Wikipedias and Wikidata (from this Google Search you can see the scope of the abuse). The user is very persistent and keeps editing anonymously from a public Iranian DSL network. The vandalism is being tracked here. It would be useful to add to the global blacklist the string:


in order to block any subsequent attempts by the user to create more articles about himself. Mushroom (talk) 10:35, 29 October 2014 (UTC)

Hi Mushroom, is this still an issue? — M 11:00, 06 December 2014 (UTC)
@MarcoAurelio: The user has slowed down but not stopped, he is still active on smaller projects where it is more difficult to track him down. In the last few days he created new articles about himself on the Japanese, Aymara, Breton, Karakalpak, Lao, Yiddish, and Zeelandic Wikipedias. A global title block would prevent him from doing it again. Mushroom (talk) 09:55, 5 January 2015 (UTC)
The user is still active. The following articles were (re)created in the last 7 days: Egyptian Spoken Arabic, Asturian, Aymara, Estonian, Persian Wikiquote Finnish, Portuguese, simple. For a list of previous existed articles see d:Wikidata:Administrators'_noticeboard#Global_Pushing --Pasleim (talk) 16:50, 21 January 2015 (UTC)
There are still new additions on an almost daily basis. Can someone PLEASE do something about this? Jared Preston (talk) 07:49, 4 February 2015 (UTC)
Yes check.svg Done Please report any further activity to Vandalism reports as it tends to be better watched and able to respond in a crosswiki sense.  — billinghurst sDrewth 10:08, 4 February 2015 (UTC)

from Japanese Wikipedia[edit]

Status:    Done

Re: phab:T38939, requesting addition of newaccountonly entries selected from ja:MediaWiki:Titleblacklist, addressing user right names, project names, and derogatory/sexual languages. I've left out what I believe to be entries too wide-catching for latin-script languages, entries to address inactive (?) vandals, and those which might trigger a false positive for languages that share the same set of characters (such as Chinese). I'm still waiting for advice from Jawiki admins, but for the time being, the following should cover our core concern. The comments after the hash in each line are for reference only, and does not necessary have to be in the actual blacklist. (Don't want to give ideas.) --朝彦 | Asahiko (talk) 22:22, 19 March 2015 (UTC)

# functional accounts and related terms
.*管理.*                                <newaccountonly>  # admin
.*ビューロクラット.*                    <newaccountonly>  # bureaucrat
.*チェックユーザ.*                      <newaccountonly>  # checkuser
.*スチュ[ワア]ード.*                    <newaccountonly>  # steward
.*オーバーサイト.*                      <newaccountonly>  # oversight
.*オンブズマン.*                        <newaccountonly>  # ombudsman
.*開発者.*                              <newaccountonly>  # developer
.*理事.*                                <newaccountonly>  # board member
.*委員.*                                <newaccountonly>  # committee
.*財団.*                                <newaccountonly>  # foundation
.*[ブぶ][ロろ][ッツシっつ][クく].*      <newaccountonly>  # "block"

# project names ("Wikipedia" etc.)
.*ウ[ィイ]キ([ペメピミ]ー?デ[ィイ]ア|ニュース|ブックス?|ソース|コモンズ|ク[オォ]ート|データ).* <newaccountonly>
.*ウ[ィイ]クショナリ.*                  <newaccountonly> # Wiktionary

# Han characters (for zh, ja, etc.)
.*[殺死腐汚盗嫌狂虐滅罪姦屁尻葬屑].*      <newaccountonly> # kill/death/rot/dirty/steal/hate/insane/cruel/eradicate/crime/rape/fart/butt/burial/scum
.*暴[[:punct:] ][行力言動动亂乱].*              <newaccountonly>  # violence
.*害虫.*                                <newaccountonly>  # "vermin"
.*自慰.*                                <newaccountonly>  # "masturbation"

# Japanese derogatory language
.*[荒あア][らラ]?[しシ].*               <newaccountonly>  # "vandal"
.*氏[なにぬねのんナニヌネノン].*        <newaccountonly>  # spoof for "drop dead"
.*[こコ][ろロ][しシツ].*                <newaccountonly>  # "kill (you)"
.*(半|はん|ハン)(ころ|コロ|ごろ|ゴロ).* <newaccountonly>  # beating nearly to death
.*(餓鬼|がき|ガキ).*                    <newaccountonly>  # preta / brat
.*(鬼畜|[きキ][ちチ][くク]).*           <newaccountonly>  # brute / fiend
.*(莫.?迦|馬.?鹿|[ばバ][ー・]?[かカ]).* <newaccountonly>  # "stupid"
.*(阿呆|[あア][ー・]?[ほホ]).*          <newaccountonly>  # "idiot"
.*(気違い|基地外|吉外|きちがい|キチガイ).*   <newaccountonly>  # "madman"
.*(嘘|うそ|ウソ)[をヲ]?(つ[くき]|ツ[クキ]).* <newaccountonly>  # "liar"
.*(禿|はげ|ハゲ).*                      <newaccountonly>  # "bald"
.*(かつら|カツラ|ヅラ).*                <newaccountonly>  # "wig"
.*(のろま|ノロマ).*                     <newaccountonly>  # "slowpoke"
.*([死私]刑|しけい).*                   <newaccountonly>  # "death penalty / lynching"
.*(エクスタシ|えくすたし).*             <newaccountonly>  # "ecstasy"
.*ストーカー.*                          <newaccountonly>  # "stalker"
.*犯人.*                                <newaccountonly>  # "criminal"
.*(?i:baka.*(aho|manuke)|manuke.*(aho|baka)).*  <newaccountonly>  # "fool/idiot/stupid"
.*ロリコン.*                            <newaccountonly>  # "pedophile"
.*(知的?障害?|池沼).*                   <newaccountonly>  # "mental disorder"

# Japanese sexual language / body parts
.*[おオ][ちまチマ][んンソ].*            <newaccountonly>  # genitalia
.*[ちまチマ][んン][こコぽポ毛子].*      <newaccountonly>  # genitalia
.*(童貞|包茎).*                         <newaccountonly>  # male virgin / phimosis
.*(糞|[くぐ]そ|[クグ]ソ).*              <newaccountonly>  # excrement
.*[うウ][んン][ちチこコ].*              <newaccountonly>  # excrement
.*ポルノ.*                              <newaccountonly>  # pornography
.*(中|[なナ][かカ])(出|[だダ])[しシ].*  <newaccountonly>  # sexual act
.*[あア][そソ][こコ].*                  <newaccountonly>  # genitalia
.*[オお][ナな][ニに二].*                <newaccountonly>  # masturbation
.*[きキ][んンソ](玉|[たタ][まマ]).*     <newaccountonly>  # male organ
.*(金|[きキ][んンソ])[たタ][まマ].*     <newaccountonly>  # male organ
.*(パンツ|ぱんつ).*                     <newaccountonly>  # underwear
.*(玉|[たタ][まマ])([金玉々]|[きキ][んンソ]|[たタ][まマ]).* <newaccountonly>  # male organ
.*[ゃやャヤ][りリ]([漫満慢万萬]|[ちまチマ][んンソ]).* <newaccountonly>  # sexual defamation
.*([んンソ][ちまチマ]|[漫満慢万萬])[りリ][ゃやャヤ].* <newaccountonly>  # ditto, spelled backwards 
.*(性交|即[尺生]).*                     <newaccountonly>  # sexual act
.*[ふフ][えエぇェ][らラ][ちチ][おオ].*  <newaccountonly>  # sexual act
.*(?:ソープランド|パイズリ).*           <newaccountonly>  # brothel / sexual act
Need change I think.--AldNonymousBicara? 22:34, 19 March 2015 (UTC)
  • .*ロリコン.* <newaccountonly> # "lolicon"


  • .*ロリコン.* <newaccountonly> # "pedophile"

Also, I think "Baka" here can trigger false positive

  • .*(?i:baka.*(aho|manuke)|manuke.*(aho|baka)).* <newaccountonly> # "fool/idiot/stupid"

This one also can trigger false positive

  • .*(鬼畜|[きキ][ちチ][くク]).* <newaccountonly> # "Preta and beast"
I want this to be changed into something a bit more specific.--AldNonymousBicara? 22:34, 19 March 2015 (UTC)
Thanks for your prompt comment. For ロリコン, I concur. Regarding baka, I believe that regex is designed to only trigger when the string contains a permutation of at least two from the set of these three {"baka","aho","manuke"}, and should not trigger with just "baka". (Correct me if I'm wrong.) Therefore, I left that in. Regarding 鬼畜 and readings thereof, are you worried about the kanji (former) or the kana (latter)? 朝彦 | Asahiko (talk) 22:40, 19 March 2015 (UTC)
Made some edits. --朝彦 | Asahiko (talk) 01:51, 20 March 2015 (UTC)
Errm, I was talking about these Special:CentralAuth/Baka, Special:CentralAuth/Aho, Special:CentralAuth/Manuke.--AldNonymousBicara? 02:29, 20 March 2015 (UTC)
Again, that regular expression can be expressed as ( baka AND ( aho OR manuke ) ) OR ( manuke AND (aho OR baka) ) and therefore catches the strings "bakaaho", "bakamanuke", "manukeaho", "manukebaka", etc. but does not catch simply "baka", "aho", or "manuke". --朝彦 | Asahiko (talk) 04:31, 20 March 2015 (UTC)
[en] I added this entry, but usually this entry is useless, and this one is temporary action for anti vandalism. I think this entry should be removed from blacklist. [ja]私はこのエントリを追加しましたが、通常このエントリは役に立たないように思いますし、このエントリを追加したのは荒らし対策上一時的な措置です。私はこのエントリを取り除いておくべきだと思います。--Rxy (talk) 14:24, 25 March 2015 (UTC)
Need change I think, too.
  • .*(餓鬼|がき|ガキ).* <newaccountonly> # preta (corrupt beings in Buddhism) → brat
    • Now in Japan, "餓鬼" is rarely used as terms of Buddhism. It usually means "little devil". "がき" and "ガキ" are always used in the latter meanings.
  • .*(鬼畜|[きキ][ちチ][くク]).* <newaccountonly> # demon and beast → brute or fiend
    • "鬼畜" means literally "demon and beast", but it usually means brute or fiend in Japan.
  • .*[おオ][ちまチマ][んンソ].* <newaccountonly> # female organ → genitalia
    • This includes "おちん" and "オチン", a male organ (penis).
  • .*[きキ][んンソ](玉|[たタ][まマ]).* <newaccountonly> # male organ
  • .*(金|[きキ][んンソ])[たタ][まマ].* <newaccountonly> # male organ
    • You can merge these into ".*(金|[きキ][んンソ])(玉|[たタ][まマ])".
  • .*[ゃやャヤ][りリ]([漫満慢万萬]|[ちまチマ][んンソ]).* <newaccountonly> # female defamation → sexual defamation
    • This includes "やりちん" and "ヤリチン" which are used for men.
--新幹線 (talk) 17:22, 20 March 2015 (UTC)
(English) Thank you. Most of your comments are valid and I have edited the list to address them. .*[きキ][んンソ](玉|[たタ][まマ]).* and .*(金|[きキ][んンソ])[たタ][まマ].* was indeed a single entry in jawiki (see ja:MediaWiki:Titleblacklist), but I split them into two on purpose. As you may know, 金玉 does not have vulgar connotations in Chinese and I thought it would be odd to include it. Only when the string contains either hiragana or katakana, we can be sure that the user meant to use the word in the Japanese sense. / (Japanese) ありがとうございます。ご助言に従い編集しました。.*[きキ][んンソ](玉|[たタ][まマ]).*.*(金|[きキ][んンソ])[たタ][まマ].* に関しては、日本語版ブラックリストでひとつであったものをあえて分けました。ご存知の通り「金玉」が卑俗な意味を持ちうるのは日本語に限った話であり、かな交じりのときにのみ日本語の俗語が意図されたことの確証が得られるからです。 --朝彦 | Asahiko (talk) 17:52, 20 March 2015 (UTC)
Yes check.svg Done (diff / log) Glaisher (talk) 05:59, 23 March 2015 (UTC)
@Glaisher: Thanks for the edit. However, as you can see above within this thread, former jawiki admin/bureaucrat Rxy just told us that (baka.*(aho|manuke)|(aho|baka).*manuke|manuke.*(aho|baka)) was meant to be a temporary measure, but has not usually been effective, and recommends removing the entry. I don't have much of an opinion on this one; I certainly don't intend to fight against two users expressing reluctance. You can remove the line if you also think it would be a cause of false positives. --朝彦 | Asahiko (talk) 20:29, 25 March 2015 (UTC)
Removed Removed diff Glaisher (talk) 09:24, 28 March 2015 (UTC)

From Ukrainian Wikipedia[edit]

Status:    Done

Hi. I am sysop of Ukrainian Wikipedia. Please add:

.*(\ba|A)(?i:dmin).* <newaccountonly> # misleading

.*(\bs|S)(?i:ysop).* <newaccountonly> # misleading

.*(\bm|M)(?i:oderator).* <newaccountonly> # misleading

.*(?i:Вікіпедія).* <newaccountonly> # misleading

.*(?i:Анальн).* <newaccountonly> # anus

.*(\bйоб|Йоб).* <newaccountonly> # obscenity

.*(\b[xхҲ][ýŷÿȳyуӲ][úùûüũůǔūǖǘǚǜŭųűuйиїяҊ]\b).* <newaccountonly> # genitalia, obscenity

.*(\bп[іи]д[аоиіе]рас).* <newaccountonly> # obscenity

.*(\bп[и|і]зд|П[и|і]зд).* <newaccountonly> # obscenity

.*(\bnugop|nugop).* <newaccountonly> # obscenity

.*(\bp|P)(?i:idor).* <newaccountonly> # obscenityGreen Zero обг 21:05, 20 March 2015 (UTC)

Comment Comment I believe that the first three entries are already covered by AntiSpoof entries .*AD+M1+N.* , .*5Y5[0Ø]P.*, and .*M[0Ø]DERAT[0Ø]R.* in the current list. 朝彦 | Asahiko (talk) 23:10, 20 March 2015 (UTC)
But, [0Ø] ≠ O, 1 ≠ i, 5 ≠ S. — Green Zero обг 18:26, 21 March 2015 (UTC)
See my question and Glaisher's answer below. mw:Extension:TitleBlacklist calls mw:Extension:AntiSpoof, and AntiSpoof does indeed map 0 to O, i to 1, S to 5, etc. You can check it out for yourself at mw:Extension:AntiSpoof/Equivalence sets (large page, might take time to load). 朝彦 | Asahiko (talk) 20:20, 21 March 2015 (UTC)
The last two entries cause many false positives. There are already many existing accounts which matches these two entries. Also i modifier is not really needed as the blacklist is insensitive by default. --Glaisher (talk) 04:25, 23 March 2015 (UTC)
diff I've added all the entries except the first three and the last three entries with some modifications: \b is kind of pointless with ".*". As for .*(\bп[и|і]зд|П[и|і]зд).*, I guess you meant to [иі] not [и|і]. @Green Zero: Could you clarify so that it can be added as well? Glaisher (talk) 09:21, 28 March 2015 (UTC)
Ok, now here stop. Thanks. — Green Zero обг 10:26, 2 April 2015 (UTC)

From Kazakh Wikipedia[edit]

Status:    Done

Hi. I am sysop of Kazakh Wikipedia. Requesting addition of newaccountonly entries selected from kk:MediaWiki:Titleblacklist (permalink), addressing user right names, project names, and derogatory/sexual languages. Please add:

.*(\ba|Ә)(?i:кімші).* <newaccountonly>
.*\.(com|org|co\.uk|net|info|biz|.kz)\b.* <newaccountonly>
.*(?i:wikipedia|wiktionary|wikibooks|wikiquote|wikiversity|wikisource|wikinews|wikimedia|wikispecies).* <newaccountonly>
.*(?i:уики[мп]еди[ая]|уикисөздік|уикикітап|уикидәйек|уикисабақ|уикиқайнар|уикихабар).* <newaccountonly>
.*(?i:Қазақстан).* <newaccountonly>
.*(?i:қазақ).* <newaccountonly>
#   хуй
.*[xXхХ][yYуУ][iIйЙиИuUъЪяЯёЁeE].* <newaccountonly>
.*[hHxX][uU][uUiIyY].* <newaccountonly>
#   пизда
.*[пПnpPрР][iIіІїЇиИeEеЕёЁ][зЗzZ3][dDдД].* <newaccountonly>
.*\.(kz|ru|com|net|org|biz|info|кз)$ <newaccountonly> # domain names
.*[нН][иИ][шШ].* <newaccountonly> 

Thanks! --Arystanbek (talk) 15:26, 17 April 2015 (UTC)

Yes check.svg Done Thanks for porting them here.  — billinghurst sDrewth 21:45, 17 April 2015 (UTC)

Wiki markup in usernames[edit]

Status:    In progress

On enwiki, we have a titleblacklist rule that prohibits multiple consecutive single quotes in page titles, since it gets interpreted as wiki markup (bold or italics). This previously applied to usernames as well, but no longer does due to recent SUL changes. Can the following rule be added to the blacklist here to correct for this?

.*''.* <newaccountonly>

Thanks, Jackmcbarn (talk) 20:45, 21 April 2015 (UTC)

Makes sense but we probably already have valid usernames with this. Glaisher (talk) 04:43, 23 April 2015 (UTC)

From Czech Wikipedia[edit]

Status:    In progress

I have finally gone through recent logs and the local list at cswiki. Here is what I suggest to add to the global blacklist:

 # domain name
 .*\.cz\b.*                      <newaccountonly>

 # Czech bad words
 .*\b[Aa]nál.*                   <newaccountonly>
 .*\b[Bb]lb(\b|e?[cč]|ej\b).*    <newaccountonly>
 .*[Bb]uzerant.*                 <newaccountonly> # antispoof?
 .*\b[Bb]uz([ií][ck]|n|en\b).*   <newaccountonly>
 .*\b[Cc]ece?k.*                 <newaccountonly>
 .*\b[Cc]i[gk][aá]n.*            <newaccountonly> # antispoof?
 .*\b[CcČč]ura[ck].*             <newaccountonly> # antispoof?
 .*\b[Dd]ebil.*                  <newaccountonly> # antispoof?
 .*\b[Dd]ement.*                 <newaccountonly>
 .*[Hh]a[ij]zl.*                 <newaccountonly>
 .*\b[Zz]?[Hh]ovad.*             <newaccountonly>
 .*\b[Hh]o+[vw](n|en\b).*        <newaccountonly> # antispoof?
 .*\b([Vv]y)?[Jj]eb((e|o?u\b|a(t|l\w?)\b|an).* <newaccountonly>
 .*\b[Kk]okot.*                  <newaccountonly> # antispoof?
 .*\b[Zz]?[Kk]ur[vw](a\b|y(\b|s[iy]n)|[ei]).* <newaccountonly>
 .*\b([Vv]y)?[Mm]rd([aá](t|l\w?)?\b|a[jn]).* <newaccountonly>
 .*\b[Mm]rdk.*                   <newaccountonly>
 .*\b[Pp][iíyý]+[cč]([aá](\b|[ck])|[eiouy]).* <newaccountonly> # THIS needs attention
 .*\b[Pp]ér([aou]|em)\b.*        <newaccountonly>
 .*\b[Pp]rde+l+.*                <newaccountonly> # antispoof?
 .*\b[Řř]iť\b.*                  <newaccountonly>
 .*\b[Řř]itn.*                   <newaccountonly>
 .*\b[Ss]ra[cćč]e?k.*            <newaccountonly>
 .*\b[Ss]vi[nńň]ě\b.*            <newaccountonly>
 .*[Šš]oust[aáe].*               <newaccountonly>
 .*\b([Vv]y)?[Šš]uk.*([aá](t|l\w?)?\b|a[jn]).* <newaccountonly>
 .*\b[Šš]ul[ií]n.*               <newaccountonly>
 .*\b[Tt]eplou[sš].*             <newaccountonly>
 .*\b[Zz][aá]chod.*              <newaccountonly>
 .*\b[Zz]hulen.*                 <newaccountonly>

 # another Czech expressions
 .*[Bb]lok(ovat|uj).*            <newaccountonly> # "to block"
 .*[Ee]xperiment.*               <newaccountonly> # "experiment-"
 .*\b[Ss]pr[aá][vw][cč].*        <newaccountonly> # "sysop"
 .*\bu[zž]ivatelsk.*\bj?m[eé]n.* <newaccountonly> # "username"
 .*[Vv]áclav.*\b[Kk]laus.*       <newaccountonly> # former president [[d:Q57434]]
 .*[Vv]andal.*                   <newaccountonly>

I am open to any comments about improving these expressions. Matěj Suchánek (talk) 10:09, 3 May 2015 (UTC)

From Czech Wikisource[edit]

Status:    Done
 ^!.* <newaccountonly>  # no exclamation marks at the beginning
 (?:[OoIl0-9]{1,3}\.){3}.* <newaccountonly> # no pseudo IP adresses

This is what I found at cs:s:MediaWiki:Titleblacklist. Matěj Suchánek (talk) 10:09, 3 May 2015 (UTC)

This won't work as expected because TBL expects user ns to be at the beginning for accounts. Anyway, I don't think we need to blacklist the first one. Billinghurst has added the second one and I've modified it now to make it work. Marked as done. --Glaisher (talk) 04:41, 5 May 2015 (UTC)

More suggestions[edit]

 .*\b[Ww]ww+\..* <newaccountonly> # www
 \d+             <newaccountonly> # numbers only, maybe using {x,} instead of +
 \W+             <newaccountonly> # non-alphanumeric characters only, maybe using {x,} instead of +
 .*(.)\1{7}.*    <newaccountonly> # repetition
 [AÁBCČDĎEÉĚFGHIÍKLMNŇOÓPQRŘSŠTŤUÚŮVWXYÝZŽ\s]{15,}!+ <newaccountonly|casesensitive> # CAPS ending with !

Matěj Suchánek (talk) 10:09, 3 May 2015 (UTC)

From zhwiki[edit]

Status:    In progress

As now the list on our wiki is useless, I find that it might be useful to dump our newaccountonly list here as a start for possible merges:

 .*金.*坛.* <autoconfirmed|newaccountonly>
 .*常.*熟.* <autoconfirmed|newaccountonly>
 .*腾飞.* <autoconfirmed|newaccountonly>
 .*[Kk]eep.*young.* <newaccountonly>
 ^Bjzy\d{5}[a-z]$ <newaccountonly>
 .*gay.* <newaccountonly>
 .*艾瑞币.* <autoconfirmed|newaccountonly>
 .*q.*u.*a.*n.*x.*i.*a.*n.*g.*o.*u.* <autoconfirmed|newaccountonly>
 .*[權权権].*限.*狗.* <autoconfirmed|newaccountonly>
 .*陳.*麗.*珍.* <newaccountonly>
 .*光.*[热熱].*[维維].* <autoconfirmed|newaccountonly>
 .*[兰蘭].*[维維].*一.* <autoconfirmed|newaccountonly>
 .*Mark.*(six|6).* <newaccountonly>
 .*(six|6).*Mark.* <newaccountonly|casesensitive>
 .*总.*[代管].* <autoconfirmed|newaccountonly>
 .*时.*彩.* <autoconfirmed|newaccountonly>
 .*澳.*门.*银.*座.* <autoconfirmed|newaccountonly>
 .*世.*爵.* <autoconfirmed|newaccountonly>
 .*[疾病疫痕痔癴毒症癥癢痒癮瘾疮瘡癬癣痲痳瘋疯癲癫痫癇痙痉癱瘫瘓痪癡痴].* <newaccountonly>
 .*羊.*[吊弔].* <newaccountonly>
 .*[腎肾結结].*石.* <newaccountonly>
 .*神.*[經经経].* <newaccountonly>
 .*失.*[調调].* <newaccountonly>
 .*[腦脑腔肺肝腺喉嚨咙發发].*炎.* <newaccountonly>
 .*[愛爱艾].*滋.* <newaccountonly>
 .*AIDS.* <newaccountonly|casesensitive>
 .*[藥薬葯药].* <newaccountonly>
 .*牙.*[齒齿].*痛.* <newaccountonly>
 .*建.*民.* <autoconfirmed|newaccountonly>
 .*Jian.*min.* <newaccountonly|newaccountonly>
 .*男.*科.* <autoconfirmed|newaccountonly>
 .*nan.*ke.* <autoconfirmed|newaccountonly>
 .*人.*流.* <autoconfirmed|newaccountonly>
 .*包皮.* <autoconfirmed|newaccountonly>
 .*早泄.* <autoconfirmed|newaccountonly>
 .*打胎.* <autoconfirmed|newaccountonly>
 .*阳痿.* <autoconfirmed|newaccountonly>
 .*引产.* <autoconfirmed|newaccountonly>
 .*三.*挫.*仑.* <autoconfirmed|newaccountonly>
 .*纤.*之.*韵.* <newaccountonly>
 .*物.*流.* <autoconfirmed|newaccountonly>
 .*低.*息.* <autoconfirmed|newaccountonly>
 .*[假偽伪].*[幣币錢钱钞鈔].* <autoconfirmed|newaccountonly>
 .*[买買卖賣售].* <newaccountonly>
 .*身.*[分份].*[证証證].* <newaccountonly>
 .*气.*枪.* <autoconfirmed|newaccountonly>
 .*淘.*宝.* <autoconfirmed|newaccountonly>
 .*[軟软]硬[體体件].* <newaccountonly>
 .*[廣广].*告.* <newaccountonly>
 .*金.*[融管貿贸].* <autoconfirmed|newaccountonly>
 .*扣[\d0-9零一二三四五六七八九]{4,}.* <newaccountonly|errmsg=titleblacklist-forbidden-prefix> #防止页面中留下QQ号
 .*宣[傳传].* <newaccountonly>
 .*留[學学].* <newaccountonly>
 .*什.*[麼麽么].* <newaccountonly>
 .*[哪那].*[可能有].* <newaccountonly>
 .*公司 <autoconfirmed|newaccountonly>
 .*\.(com|org|co\.uk|net|info)\b.* <newaccountonly>
 .*公.*司.* <newaccountonly>
 .*[國国][際际].* <newaccountonly>
 .*[傳传]媒.* <newaccountonly>
 .*科技.* <newaccountonly>
 .*教育.* <newaccountonly>
 .*[机機][構构].* <newaccountonly>
 .*[協协][會会].* <newaccountonly>
 .*[医醫]生.* <newaccountonly>
 .*集[团團].* <newaccountonly>
 .*[學学][院校會会].* <newaccountonly>
 .*Government.* <newaccountonly>
 .*(官.*方|政.*府).* <newaccountonly>
 .*委.*[員员].* <newaccountonly>
 .*[總総总].*[統统理].* <newaccountonly>
 .*[省廳廰厅庁局市巿部處处処署組组警司校台臺科所院會会].*[長长].* <newaccountonly>
 .*[這这此那].*[因已].* <newaccountonly>
 .*([版侵].*[權权権]|著.*[作佐].*[權权権]|[正盜盗翻飜番返反].*版|copy(vio|left|right)).* <newaccountonly>
 .*新[闻聞].* <newaccountonly>
 .*唐英年.* <newaccountonly>
 .*[馬马].*英.*九.* <newaccountonly>
 .*[为亹伟伪位倭偉偎偽僞儰卫危厃叞味唯喂喡喴囗囲围圍圩墛壝委威娓媁媙媦嬒寪尉尾峗峞崣崴嵔嵬嶉嶶巍帏帷幃廆彙徫微徻惟愄愇慰懀捤揋揻撱斖暐未桅梶椲椳楲欈沩洈洧浘涠渨渭湋溈溦溾潍潙潿濊濰濻瀢炜為烓煒煟煨熨熭燰爲犚犩猗猥猬玮琟瑋畏痏痿癓眭矀硊硙碨磈磑立維緭緯纬维罻胃腲艉芕芛芟苇苿荱荽菋萎葦葨葳蒍蓶蔚蔿薇薉薳薶藯蘤蘶蜲蜼蝛蝟螱衛衞褽覣覹觹詴諉謂讆讏诿谓贀踓躗躛軎轊违逶違遗遺鄬醀錗鍏鍡鏏闈闱阢隇隈隗隹霨霺韋韑韙韡韦韪頠颹餧餵饖骩骪骫魏鮇鮠鮪鰃鰄鰖鲔鳂鳚鷕].*[丌丮乩亟亼亽伋伎佶偈偮僟其兾冀几击刉刏剂剞剤劇劑勣卙卟即卽及叝叽吃吉咭哜唧唶喞喫嗘嘰嚌圾坖垍基堲塈塉墍墼奇妀妓姞姫姬嫉季寂寄尐居屐岌峜嵆嵇嵠嵴嶯己幾庪庴廭彐彑彶徛忌忣急悸惎愱憿懻戟戢技挤掎揖揤撃撠擊擠擮攲旡既旣暨暩曁朞期机极枅梞棋棘楖楫極槉槣樍樭機橶檕檝檱檵櫅櫭殛毄汲泲洁洎济済湒漃漈潗激濈濟瀱焏犄犱狤猗猤玑玘璣璾畟畸畿疵疾痵瘈瘠瘵癠癪皀皍睽瞡瞿矶磯磼礏祭禝禨积秶秸稘稩稷稽穄穊積穖穧笄笈筓箕箿簊籍粢系紀紒級結給継綨緁緝績繋繫繼级纪结给继绩缉罽羁羇羈耤耭聻肌脊脔膌臮艥艻芨芰茍茤荠莋萁葪蒺蓟蓻蔇蕀蕺薊薺藉蘄蘎蘮蘻虀虮蛣蜡蝍螏蟣蟻蟿裚褀襀襋覉覊覘覬覿觊觙觭計訐記誋諅諆譏譤计讥记谻賫賷赍趌跡跻跽踑踖踦蹐蹟躋躤躸輯轚辑近迹邔郅郆鈒鈘銈銡錤鍓鏶鐖鑇鑙钑际隔際隮集雞雦雧霁霵霽革鞊鞿韲飢饑饥騎驥骑骥髻鬾魕魝魢魥鮆鮚鯚鯲鯽鰶鰿鱀鱭鱾鲚鲫鳮鴶鵋鶏鶺鷄鷑鸄鸡鹡麂麡齊齌齎齏齐齑].*[伯佰兡呗唄庍拜拝挀捭掰摆擺敗柏栢棑派犤猈瓸白百矲稗竡粨粺絔罢罷薜薭蛽襬贁败陌鞴韛]?.*[克兡兣刻剋勀勊匼厼可咳哿喀嗑坷垎堁壳娔客尅岢峇嵑嵙嶱恪愘愙揢搕敤果柯棵榼樖欬殻殼氪渇渴溘炣牁牱犐珂疴痾盍瞌砢硛碣碦磕礊礍礚科稞穒窠簻緙缂翗胢艐苛荷萪薖蚵蝌衉課课趷躻軻轲迲醘鈳鉿錁錒钶铪锞閜頦顆颏颗騍骒髁鯑鯳龕]?.* <newaccountonly>
 .*[克兡兣刻剋勀勊匼厼可咳哿喀嗑坷垎堁壳娔客尅岢峇嵑嵙嶱恪愘愙揢搕敤果柯棵榼樖欬殻殼氪渇渴溘炣牁牱犐珂疴痾盍瞌砢硛碣碦磕礊礍礚科稞穒窠簻緙缂翗胢艐苛荷萪薖蚵蝌衉課课趷躻軻轲迲醘鈳鉿錁錒钶铪锞閜頦顆颏颗騍骒髁鯑鯳龕].*[伯佰兡呗唄庍拜拝挀捭掰摆擺敗柏栢棑派犤猈瓸白百矲稗竡粨粺絔罢罷薜薭蛽襬贁败陌鞴韛].*[丌丮乩亟亼亽伋伎佶偈偮僟其兾冀几击刉刏剂剞剤劇劑勣卙卟即卽及叝叽吃吉咭哜唧唶喞喫嗘嘰嚌圾坖垍基堲塈塉墍墼奇妀妓姞姫姬嫉季寂寄尐居屐岌峜嵆嵇嵠嵴嶯己幾庪庴廭彐彑彶徛忌忣急悸惎愱憿懻戟戢技挤掎揖揤撃撠擊擠擮攲旡既旣暨暩曁朞期机极枅梞棋棘楖楫極槉槣樍樭機橶檕檝檱檵櫅櫭殛毄汲泲洁洎济済湒漃漈潗激濈濟瀱焏犄犱狤猗猤玑玘璣璾畟畸畿疵疾痵瘈瘠瘵癠癪皀皍睽瞡瞿矶磯磼礏祭禝禨积秶秸稘稩稷稽穄穊積穖穧笄笈筓箕箿簊籍粢系紀紒級結給継綨緁緝績繋繫繼级纪结给继绩缉罽羁羇羈耤耭聻肌脊脔膌臮艥艻芨芰茍茤荠莋萁葪蒺蓟蓻蔇蕀蕺薊薺藉蘄蘎蘮蘻虀虮蛣蜡蝍螏蟣蟻蟿裚褀襀襋覉覊覘覬覿觊觙觭計訐記誋諅諆譏譤计讥记谻賫賷赍趌跡跻跽踑踖踦蹐蹟躋躤躸輯轚辑近迹邔郅郆鈒鈘銈銡錤鍓鏶鐖鑇鑙钑际隔際隮集雞雦雧霁霵霽革鞊鞿韲飢饑饥騎驥骑骥髻鬾魕魝魢魥鮆鮚鯚鯲鯽鰶鰿鱀鱭鱾鲚鲫鳮鴶鵋鶏鶺鷄鷑鸄鸡鹡麂麡齊齌齎齏齐齑].*[为亹伟伪位倭偉偎偽僞儰卫危厃叞味唯喂喡喴囗囲围圍圩墛壝委威娓媁媙媦嬒寪尉尾峗峞崣崴嵔嵬嶉嶶巍帏帷幃廆彙徫微徻惟愄愇慰懀捤揋揻撱斖暐未桅梶椲椳楲欈沩洈洧浘涠渨渭湋溈溦溾潍潙潿濊濰濻瀢炜為烓煒煟煨熨熭燰爲犚犩猗猥猬玮琟瑋畏痏痿癓眭矀硊硙碨磈磑立維緭緯纬维罻胃腲艉芕芛芟苇苿荱荽菋萎葦葨葳蒍蓶蔚蔿薇薉薳薶藯蘤蘶蜲蜼蝛蝟螱衛衞褽覣覹觹詴諉謂讆讏诿谓贀踓躗躛軎轊违逶違遗遺鄬醀錗鍏鍡鏏闈闱阢隇隈隗隹霨霺韋韑韙韡韦韪頠颹餧餵饖骩骪骫魏鮇鮠鮪鰃鰄鰖鲔鳂鳚鷕].* <newaccountonly>
 .*[總总].*[統统].* <newaccountonly>
 .*[黨党].* <newaccountonly>
 .*法.*[輪轮].* <newaccountonly>
 .*[納纳].*粹.* <newaccountonly>
 .*[卍卐].* <autoconfirmed|newaccountonly>
 .*大.*[陆陸].*人.* <newaccountonly>
 .*[台臺].*[湾灣].*人.* <newaccountonly>
 .*日.*本.*人.* <newaccountonly>
 .*罪.* <newaccountonly>
 .*[涉渉渋].*嫌.* <newaccountonly>
 .*([內内].*幕|黑.*箱).* <newaccountonly>
 .*腐.*[敗败].* <newaccountonly>
 .*[貪贪].*[污汚汙] <newaccountonly>
 .*洗.*[錢钱].* <newaccountonly>
 .*[陰阴].*[謀谋].* <newaccountonly>
 .*[虛虚].*假 <newaccountonly>
 .*[偽伪].* <newaccountonly>
 .*[打鎮镇].*[壓压].* <newaccountonly>
 .*[壓压控].*[制製].* <newaccountonly>
 .*[专專].*[制製].* <newaccountonly>
 .*封.*建.* <newaccountonly>
 .*Free.*Tibet.* <newaccountonly>
 .*F.*a.*l.*u.*n.* <newaccountonly>
 .*[當当].*[選选].* <newaccountonly>
 .*倭.* <newaccountonly>
 .*[抢搶].*劫.* <newaccountonly>
 .*[孙孫].*[文中山].* <autoconfirmed|newaccountonly>
 .*越.*南.* <newaccountonly>
 .*[句勾鳩].*[踐淺].* <newaccountonly>
 .*[台枲臺檯薹].*[疤芭笆岜杷粑靶耙钯鈀㞎吧巴].*[字籽仔耔孜孖㞨㜽㺭吇子].* <newaccountonly>
 .*喿.* <newaccountonly>
 .*薄.*[国國].*籍.* <newaccountonly>
 .*毛.*[泽澤].*[东東].* <newaccountonly>
 .*[邓鄧].*小.*平.* <newaccountonly>
 .*六.*四.*天.*安.*[门門].* <newaccountonly>
 .*\b(apologi[sz]e|war)\b.* <newaccountonly> # bug 52191
 .*(hiro|aki)hito.* <newaccountonly>
 .*[戰战戦][爭争].* <newaccountonly>
 .*反省.* <newaccountonly>
 .*[文裕明悠睦]仁.* <newaccountonly>
 .*起.*[義义].* <newaccountonly>
 .*[游遊襲袭].*[擊撃击].* <newaccountonly>
 .*恐.*[怖佈布].* <newaccountonly>
 .*[攻進进].*[擊撃击打].* <newaccountonly>
 .*attack.* <newaccountonly>
 .*激.*[进進].* <newaccountonly>
 .*[錯错].* <newaccountonly>
 .*[誤误].* <newaccountonly>
 .*虐.* <newaccountonly>
 .*奴.* <newaccountonly>
 .*[隸隷隶].* <newaccountonly>
 .*[种種].*族 <newaccountonly>
 .*歧.*[視视].* <newaccountonly>
 .*[碳炭].*疽.* <newaccountonly>
 .*[瀆渎].* <newaccountonly>
 .*[錮锢].* <newaccountonly>
 .*暴.*[行力言動动亂乱].* <newaccountonly>
 .*斃.* <newaccountonly>
 .*戾.* <newaccountonly>
 .*[圣聖].*[戰战].* <newaccountonly>
 .*[斬斩梟枭砍].*[首人].* <newaccountonly>
 .*新.*[疆彊].* <newaccountonly>
 .*突.*厥.* <newaccountonly>
 .*[東东].*突.* <newaccountonly>
 .*[熱热].*比.*[婭娅].* <newaccountonly>
 .*[維维].*基.* <newaccountonly>
 .*百.*科.* <newaccountonly>
 .*([管館馆筦斡悺琯].*[理悝妳峛娌浬邐俚鯉履哩李里裏裡鋰逦鲤锂]|[理悝妳峛娌浬邐俚鯉履哩李里裏裡鋰逦鲤锂].*[管館馆筦斡悺琯]).* <newaccountonly>
 .*(代.*理|理.*代).* <newaccountonly>
 .*行.*政.* <newaccountonly>
 .*[監监].*管.* <newaccountonly>
 .*(查.*核|核.*查).* <newaccountonly>
 .*wei.*ji.*bai.*ke.* <newaccountonly>
 .*ke.*bai.*ji.*wei.* <newaccountonly>
 .*耶.*[穌稣教青經経经].* <newaccountonly>
 .*基.*督.* <newaccountonly>
 .*天.*[主神帝].* <newaccountonly>
 .*上.*[主帝].* <newaccountonly>
 .*猶.*太.* <newaccountonly>
 .*[聖圣].*[母經経经人事體体].* <newaccountonly>
 .*[教敎].*[會会士仕].* <newaccountonly>
 .*[傳传新洋].*[教敎].* <newaccountonly>
 .*菩.*[薩萨].* <newaccountonly>
 .*[佛道回].*[教敎].* <newaccountonly>
 .*伊.*斯.*[蘭兰].* <newaccountonly>
 .*(dea[d(th)]|kill|vandal).* <newaccountonly>
 .*(sex|f[au]ck|bitch|shit|pussy|ass ?hole|porn|xxx).* <newaccountonly>
 .*(man|tin|chin)[kp]o.* <newaccountonly>
 .*un(ko|ti|chi).* <newaccountonly>
 .*fu[c\(k]k.* <newaccountonly>
 .*penis.* <newaccountonly>
 .*vagina.* <newaccountonly>
 .*c[ǒo]ck(sucker)?.* <newaccountonly>
 .*fellatio.* <newaccountonly>
 .*cunnilingus.* <newaccountonly>
 .*stupid.* <newaccountonly>
 .*(屄屌屎尿屁閪糞粪|米.*田.*共).* <newaccountonly>
 .*[姦奸淫婊].* <newaccountonly>
 .*色.*[情狼].* <newaccountonly>
 .*[鹹咸].*[濕湿溼].* <newaccountonly>
 .*非.*[禮礼].* <newaccountonly>
 .*(胸.*[襲袭]|[袭襲].*胸).* <newaccountonly>
 .*[摸抓].*[胸奶乳].* <newaccountonly>
 .*私.*[處处処].* <newaccountonly>
 .*[阴陰].*[莖囊道部郎毛].* <newaccountonly>
 .*[阳陽].*具.* <newaccountonly>
 .*上.*(床|广.*木|牀).* <newaccountonly>
 .*[做造作].*[愛爱].* <newaccountonly>
 .*性.*(交|[欲慾]|器.*官|[衝沖冲].*[動动]|需.*要|侵|行.*[為爲为]|高.*[潮朝]).* <newaccountonly>
 .*弓.*虽.*女.*干.* <newaccountonly>
 .*破.*[處处処麻身].* <newaccountonly>
 .*[内內外顏顔颜].*射.* <newaccountonly>
 .*中.*出.* <newaccountonly>
 .*[射受吞呑喝飲饮].*精.* <newaccountonly>
 .*[強强彊].*暴.* <newaccountonly>
 .*避.*孕.* <newaccountonly>
 .*安.*全.*[套袋].* <newaccountonly>
 .*肛.* <newaccountonly>
 .*([嫖婊娼妓]|女.*[票表昌支]).* <newaccountonly>
 .*[幹干].* <newaccountonly>
 .*(賤|贱|[貝贝].*(戔|戋|戈.*戈)).* <newaccountonly>
 .*下.*流.* <newaccountonly>
 .*(恥|耻|耳.*[心止]).* <newaccountonly>
 .*辱.* <newaccountonly>
 .*[變变変].*[態态].* <newaccountonly>
 .*[雜雑杂].*[種种].* <newaccountonly>
 .*[他她祂衪].*[媽妈娘奶].* <newaccountonly>
 .*[廢废].* <newaccountonly>
 .*[垃圾].* <newaccountonly>
 .*[敗败].*[類类].* <newaccountonly>
 .*傻.* <newaccountonly>
 .*[弱低無无].*[智能].* <newaccountonly>
 .*[畜牲].* <newaccountonly>
 .*[死亡].* <newaccountonly>
 .*[屍尸].* <newaccountonly>
 .*[殺杀].* <newaccountonly>
 .*[葬髒脏].* <newaccountonly>
 .*[臭糗].* <newaccountonly>
 .*八格[牙耶]路.* <newaccountonly>
 .*[鸡雞鷄鶏].* <newaccountonly>
 .*[猪豬豚].* <newaccountonly>
 .*[狗犬吠].* <newaccountonly>
 .*害.* <newaccountonly>
 .*王.*[八捌88].* <newaccountonly>
 .*[混渾浑笨].*([蛋旦疍昼]|egg).* <newaccountonly>
 .*阿呆.* <newaccountonly>
 .*邪.*[惡悪恶].* <newaccountonly>
 .*[惡悪恶].*[魔摩].* <newaccountonly>
 .*[盜盗].* <newaccountonly>
 .*[賊贼].* <newaccountonly>
 .*[裸裸祼].*[體体].* <newaccountonly>
 .*乳.*[房溝沟頭头].* <newaccountonly>
 .*[脫脱].*光光.* <newaccountonly>
 .*巨.*乳.* <newaccountonly>
 .*潮.*吹.* <newaccountonly>
 .*[骗騙].*子.* <autoconfirmed|newaccountonly>
 .*老.*[母未味尾].* <newaccountonly>
 .*人.*渣.* <newaccountonly>
 .*[戇戆].* <newaccountonly>
 .*(撚|𠹌|[oOoO00○口□ロ]能).* <newaccountonly>
 .*[那哪喇啦].*[星媽妈].* <newaccountonly>
 .*[媽妈孖孿].*[叉差].* <newaccountonly>
 .*[屙疴].* <newaccountonly>
 .*([𨳒𨳍𨳊閪]|門.*[小七九西]).* <newaccountonly>
 .*(尻|㞗|九.*[鳥鸟]).* <newaccountonly>
 .*[搞攪搅乜咩打含吊弔丟丢小少頂顶調调凋雕鵰刁奶乃是].*[七柒77九玖99鳩鸠狗能西].* <newaccountonly>
 .*[吊弔丟丢小少頂顶調调凋雕鵰刁七柒77].*[你妳您我他她佢能].* <newaccountonly>
 .*笨.*[七柒77].* <newaccountonly>
 .*[七柒77].*[頭头].* <newaccountonly>
 .*[賓宾].*([周週州洲九玖99鳩鸠狗蕉焦招]|[gj]er).* <newaccountonly>
 .*打.*[飛飞].*[機机].* <newaccountonly>
 .*[打含奶乃切].*[jJjJ].* <newaccountonly>
 .*[查揸渣楂搾].*[波奶胸].* <newaccountonly>
 .*([卜扑撲搞攪搅]|[dDdD][oOoO00○]).*[野嘢].* <newaccountonly>
 .*[搞攪搅].*[基機机].* <newaccountonly>
 .*[溝媾界𠝹].*[女仔].* <newaccountonly>
 .*[四肆肄44].*仔.* <newaccountonly>
 .*[流漏].*[mMmM精].* <newaccountonly>
 .*([mMmM經经経]|姨.*[媽妈]).*[到巾].* <newaccountonly>
 .*[冚陷含咸鹹].*家.* <newaccountonly>
 .*[仆僕卜扑撲朴樸扒趴福].*[街佳皆楷階阶].* <newaccountonly>
 .*粉.*[腸肠友皮].* <newaccountonly>
 .*[潤润].*[腸肠].* <newaccountonly>
 .*[木沐㕲].*[咀嘴].* <newaccountonly>
 .*[戊茂].*[里你妳您李].* <newaccountonly>
 .*收.*[皮爹嗲].* <newaccountonly>
 .*[道劈].*友.* <newaccountonly>
 .*隊.*[林冧淋啉霖].* <newaccountonly>
 .*[瓜呱掛挂].*柴.* <newaccountonly>
 .*黐.*([線缐綫线]|黐.*地|[根筋]|gun).* <newaccountonly>
 .*青.*山.* <newaccountonly>
 .*([99九玖鳩狗豬廢膠]|豕者|月翏|Plastic|王久).*([噏嗡談喜]|[UuUu][PpPp]|[oOoO00○口□ロ][翁翕]|言炎|talk[ing]?).* <newaccountonly>
 .*杏.*加.*橙.* <newaccountonly>
 .*[亻彳].* <newaccountonly>
 .*扌.* <newaccountonly>
 .*犭.* <newaccountonly>
 .*疒.* <newaccountonly>
 .*亍.* <newaccountonly>
 .*亐.* <newaccountonly>
 .*勹.* <newaccountonly>
 .*[亠宀冖].* <newaccountonly>
 .*彡.* <newaccountonly>
 .*[冫氵].* <newaccountonly>
 .*丩.* <newaccountonly>
 .*卩.* <newaccountonly>
 .*乚.* <newaccountonly>
 .*[刂亅].* <newaccountonly>
 .*[匚匸].* <newaccountonly>
 .*凵.* <newaccountonly>
 .*冂.* <newaccountonly>
 .*[攴攵].* <newaccountonly>
 .*殳.* <newaccountonly>
 .*灬.* <newaccountonly>
 .*忄.* <newaccountonly>
 .*爫.* <newaccountonly>
 .*[爿丬].* <newaccountonly>
 .*旡.* <newaccountonly>
 .*[礻衤].* <newaccountonly>
 .*[糹纟].* <newaccountonly>
 .*耂.* <newaccountonly>
 .*厃.* <newaccountonly>
 .*[艹卄].* <newaccountonly>
 .*癶.* <newaccountonly>
 .*虍.* <newaccountonly>
 .*[罒罓].* <newaccountonly>
 .*讠.* <newaccountonly>
 .*辶.* <newaccountonly>
 .*钅.* <newaccountonly>
 .*肀.* <newaccountonly>
 .*[阝⻖⻏].* <newaccountonly>
 .*[飠饣].* <newaccountonly>
 .*丆.* <newaccountonly>
 .*畾.* <newaccountonly>
 .*破.*[壞坏].* <newaccountonly>
 .*(用.*[戶户]|[使利].*用.*者).* <newaccountonly>
 .*(名.*[单單稱称]|[单單].*名).* <newaccountonly>
 .*[创創].*建.* <newaccountonly>
 .*([傀魁塊].*儡|[馬马].*甲|分.*身|免.*洗).* <newaccountonly>
 .*[帳帐賬账].*[戶户号號].* <newaccountonly>
 .*(查.*[禁封锁鎖]|封.*[锁鎖禁查]|禁.*[查封锁鎖止]|被.*[封锁鎖禁]|[锁鎖].*[上定禁住封]|圭.*寸).* <newaccountonly>
 ^([0-9A-Za-z]+:){8,}[0-9A-Za-z]+$ <newaccountonly> # 禁止创建形如IPv6位址的用户
 !.* <newaccountonly>
 .*妙[诗詩]人.* <newaccountonly>
 .*Shizhao.* <newaccountonly>
 .*[时時].*昭.* <newaccountonly>
 .*([百白佰泊].*[無无巫毛誣诬].*[伸生身牲]|[是事示士氏侍視视伺].*[書书輸输舒樞枢猪].*[伸生身牲]|[無无巫毛誣诬].*[一壹].*用.*[書书輸输舒樞枢猪].*[伸生身牲]).* <newaccountonly>
 .*([電电燈灯].*[號号]|cdip).* <newaccountonly>
 .*PhiLiP.* <newaccountonly>
 .*彥良.* <newaccountonly>
 .*(Gzdavidwong|Gnowdivadzg).* <newaccountonly>
 .*[许許]瑜真.* <newaccountonly>
 .*卓政[兴興].* <newaccountonly>
 .*[赵趙]家俊.* <newaccountonly>
 .*Kegns.* <newaccountonly>
 .*[做造][\w一-龥]{0,3}([^\w一-龥]|_)*[\w一-龥]{0,3}[貓猫].* <newaccountonly>
 .*L.*[aāáǎà].*n.*w.*[iīíǐì].* <autoconfirmed|newaccountonly>
 .*喊.*疼.* <newaccountonly>
 .*我.*乃.*野.*云.*鹤.* <autoconfirmed|newaccountonly>
 .*(木可南|柯南) <newaccountonly>
 .*(.)\1{10}.* <newaccountonly> # 禁止反覆11次以上相同字元的用戶名
 .{40,} <newaccountonly>
 .*[qwert]{6}.* <newaccountonly> # 抑制免洗帳號
 .*[asdfg]{6}.* <newaccountonly> # 抑制免洗帳號
 .*[zxcvb]{6}.* <newaccountonly> # 抑制免洗帳號
 .*[yuiop]{6}.* <newaccountonly> # 抑制免洗帳號
 .*[QWERT]{6}.* <newaccountonly> # 抑制免洗帳號
 .*[ASDFG]{6}.* <newaccountonly> # 抑制免洗帳號
 .*[ZXCVB]{6}.* <newaccountonly> # 抑制免洗帳號
 .*[YUIOP]{6}.* <newaccountonly> # 抑制免洗帳號
 .*is stretched by.* <newaccountonly>
 .*coċk.* <newaccountonly>
 .*cóck.* <newaccountonly>
 .*aßs.* <newaccountonly>
 .*condemns.homosexuality.* <newaccountonly>
 .*[cċĉ¢сćĉçčʢ][HΉĤĦȞʰʱḢḤḦḨḪНҢӇӉΗἨἩἪἫἬἭἮἯῊᾘЋΗ][ÉÈËEĘĚĔĖẺẸẾỀỄễỂểȨȩḜḝĒḖḗȄȅȆȇỆệḘḙḚḛ3eعڠeēėèéëẽĕęəẻếềẹ][cċĉ¢сćĉçčʢ][K₭ΚКЌҠҞӃ][uUÚÙÛÜŨŮǓŪǖǘǚǜŬŲŰ][S$ŚŜŞŠṢΣЅz5][ÉÈËEĘĚĔĖẺẸẾỀỄễỂểȨȩḜḝĒḖḗȄȅȆȇỆệḘḙḚḛ3eعڠeēėèéëẽĕęəẻếềẹ][RŔŖŘȐȒƦʳʴʵʶṘṚṜṞЯ®ΡΡ₧ÞþΡρРрƤṔṖǷґЃrمŕŗřṛṝгΓ].* <newaccountonly>
 .*ͨh.* <newaccountonly>
 .*[Ss][Hh][!ƗíÍìÌĭĬîÎǐǏïÏĩĨįĮīĪıİľĽŀĿłŁļĻḷḶΙιїЇ][Tt].* <newaccountonly|casesensitive> # Cannot be case-insensitive, as İ may match i and ı may match I.
 .*\b[N₦ŃÑŅŇṆΝ][AΑĄĂÃÀĀΆẠẬẢẤẦẨẮẰẴẲẪẶḀǞǠȀᾼᾺᾈἉᾉἌᾌἊᾊἎᾎἍᾍἋᾋἏᾏÁÂÄÆÅǺ٩4óòôöõǒōŏǫőøόδοσоʘǿọờởỡớợồổỗốộ][W₩ŴΨШЩ][L₤ĹĽḶŁĿΛЛЉ][ÌÍÎÏĨļǏĪĬİḷŀΙЇɨ!łľıĮįī][N₦ŃÑŅŇṆΝ]s?(Wik)?\b.* <newaccountonly>
 .*\b[N₦ŃÑŅŇṆΝ][AΑĄĂÃÀĀΆẠẬẢẤẦẨẮẰẴẲẪẶḀǞǠȀᾼᾺᾈἉᾉἌᾌἊᾊἎᾎἍᾍἋᾋἏᾏÁÂÄÆÅǺ٩4óòôöõǒōŏǫőøόδοσоʘǿọờởỡớợồổỗốộ][W₩ŴΨШЩ][L₤ĹĽḶŁĿΛЛЉ][ÌÍÎÏĨļǏĪĬİḷŀΙЇɨ!łľıĮįī][N₦ŃÑŅŇṆΝ]s?[W₩ŴΨШЩ][ÌÍÎÏĨļǏĪĬİḷŀΙЇɨ!łľıĮįī][K₭ΚКЌҠҞӃ][ÌÍÎÏĨļǏĪĬİḷŀΙЇɨ!łľıĮįī].* <newaccountonly>
 .*\b[N₦ŃÑŅŇṆΝ][AΑĄĂÃÀĀΆẠẬẢẤẦẨẮẰẴẲẪẶḀǞǠȀᾼᾺᾈἉᾉἌᾌἊᾊἎᾎἍᾍἋᾋἏᾏÁÂÄÆÅǺ٩4óòôöõǒōŏǫőøόδοσоʘǿọờởỡớợồổỗốộ][W₩ŴΨШЩ][L₤ĹĽḶŁĿΛЛЉ][ÌÍÎÏĨļǏĪĬİḷŀΙЇɨ!łľıĮįī][N₦ŃÑŅŇṆΝ][W₩ŴΨШЩ][ÌÍÎÏĨļǏĪĬİḷŀΙЇɨ!łľıĮįī][K₭ΚКЌҠҞӃ][ÌÍÎÏĨļǏĪĬİḷŀΙЇɨ!łľıĮįī].* <newaccountonly>
 .*WP\:.* <newaccountonly>
 .*WT\:.* <newaccountonly>
 .*ⒽⒶⒼⒼⒺⓇ.* <newaccountonly> #Latest Grawp naming scheme
  .*p[ÉÈËĘĚĔĖẺẸẾỀỄễỂểȨȩḜḝĒḖḗȄȅȆȇỆệḘḙḚḛ3عڠēėèéëẽĕęəẻếềẹ]nis.* <newaccountonly>
 .*Magyar.nem.ember.* <newaccountonly>
 .*Cremepuff.* <newaccountonly>
 .*WikiDan.*61.* <newaccountonly> # See [[Wikipedia:Sockpuppet_investigations/Moutray2010]]
 .*[Mm]otherr* *.?[Ff]uck.* <newaccountonly>
 .{50,}.* <newaccountonly>
 .*(pepper|lunch).* <newaccountonly>
 .*(\bs|S)(crotum).* <newaccountonly>
 .*(\bo|O)(rgasm).* <newaccountonly>
 .*周.*[濟済济].* <newaccountonly>
 .*.?肥媽.?.* <newaccountonly>
 .*[鐳镭].*[爷爺].* <newaccountonly>
 .*科.*技.*工.*程.*主.*义.* <newaccountonly>
 .*影.*武.*者.* <newaccountonly>
 .*越.*南.* <newaccountonly>
 .*革.*命.* <newaccountonly>
 .*自.*由.* <newaccountonly>
 .*[斗鬥烈].*士.* <newaccountonly>
 .*[歐欧奧奥].*巴.*[馬马].* <newaccountonly>
 .*句.*[踐践].* <newaccountonly>
 .*大.*越.* <newaccountonly>
 .*君.*主.* <newaccountonly>
 .*越.*王.* <newaccountonly>
 .*[邓鄧].*[傑杰].* <newaccountonly> 
 .*[台臺].*[灣湾].* <newaccountonly>
 .*198205.* <newaccountonly>
 .*051\dLD.* <newaccountonly>
 .*李.*敖.* <newaccountonly>
 .*彥.*良.* <newaccountonly>
 .*[李林武潘胡趙阮陳].*[仲佩俊元光公勇南句嘉坤士太學家小峰復志忠惠政文昇明晉智暉有朝東權正武永治洋清港無珠璒用甲疆登祥筱維英誠踐金鏗雄雲風高鬼魁黑鼎淏焺義鳩淺晟拜文滅華越立].*[仲佩俊元光公勇南句嘉坤士太學家小峰復志忠惠政文昇明晉智暉有朝東權正武永治洋清港無珠璒用甲疆登祥筱維英誠踐金鏗雄雲風高鬼魁黑鼎淏焺義鳩淺晟拜華滅越立].* <newaccountonly>
 .*[Vv][Ii][Ee][Tt][Nn][Aa][Mm].* <newaccountonly>
 .*世良田.* <newaccountonly>
 .*[黃黄].*德.*[伟偉痿].* <newaccountonly>
 .*[謝谢].*金.*燕.* <newaccountonly|autoconfirmed>
 .*[处處][男女子].* <newaccountonly>
 .*尹.*乃.*菁.* <newaccountonly|autoconfirmed>
 .*新.*户.* <newaccountonly>
 .*削.?除.* <newaccountonly>
 .*即.?削.* <newaccountonly>
 .*[マま].?[シし].?ー.?[ンん].* <newaccountonly>
 .*[機机]械\b.* <newaccountonly>
 .*[側侧].?索.* <newaccountonly>
 .*deletion.* <newaccountonly>
 .*病[气気氣].* <newaccountonly>
 .*鄭.*捷.* <newaccountonly|autoconfirmed>
 .*是.*人.*才.* <newaccountonly>
 .*[木林].*[任几凭].*之.* <newaccountonly>
 .*Nuosha.* <newaccountonly>
 .*[天夭].*[朝国].* <newaccountonly>
 .*司.*雯.*嘉.* <newaccountonly>
 .*[張张].*[浩治].*洋.* <newaccountonly>
 .*[張张].*[國国].*[輝辉].* <newaccountonly>
 .*[張张].*玉.*[環环].* <newaccountonly>
 .*王.*中.*王.* <newaccountonly>
 .*[歷历].*史.*霸.* <newaccountonly>
 .*平.*天.*下.* <newaccountonly>
 .*[撫抚].*順.* <newaccountonly>
 .*[萬万].*[聖圣琞].*尊.* <newaccountonly>
 .*[張张].*[聖圣琞].*[達达迏].* <newaccountonly>

They are by no means sorted and are a mess after multiple years of addition. I would have no problem providing explanations for each one or cleaning them up a bit if someone can provide suggestions. Thanks. Jimmy Xu (talk) 10:07, 15 May 2015 (UTC)

Proposed removals[edit]

Symbol comment vote.svg This section is for proposing that a title be unlisted; please add new entries at the bottom of the section. Remember to provide the specific title or regex blacklisted, links to the articles they are used in or useful to, and arguments in favour of unlisting. Completed requests will be marked as done or denied and archived. The addition or removal of a title is not a vote, please do not bold the first words in statements.


This was brought up at the English Administrators' noticeboard by an Account Creator who overrode the blacklist to create en:user:Mesarey. I am posting this request on their behalf. Due to the blacklist, this user would not be able to create any pages in their user space. Is this necessary? The article was salted in early 2009 at En. Are other projects having more long term, recent problems with this title? Swarm (talk) 16:47, 21 April 2015 (UTC)

Per Google, Mesarey and variants like Mesa_Rey, MesaRay, Mesa-Rey and so on are common as a surname. Sarey is not uncommon as a given name in a region. If no longer necessary, removal would preclude future collateral problems. Doctree (talk) 17:02, 21 April 2015 (UTC)
Removed Removed I couldn't find anything in the logs or in this page's archives about it. --Glaisher (talk) 04:41, 23 April 2015 (UTC)
I was one of the ones who was tracking him at the English Wikipedia. He did indeed go to other wikis to make articles about himself, hence the need for a meta filter, but I think he gave up long ago. If he does start spamming again (assuming he hasnt already come back as a positive contributor) I imagine he'd post under a pseudonym anyway, as was his strategy towards the tail end of his run on enwiki. Soap (talk) 18:23, 17 May 2015 (UTC)


Status:    Done

My username is blacklisted by .*[hHxX][uU][uUiIyY].* (matches "huy"). This has prevented me from logging in with my test account on other wikis. Is it possible to remove it from from the list or change it? --Zhuyifei1999 (talk) 07:57, 31 May 2015 (UTC)

Troubleshooting and problems[edit]

Symbol comment vote.svg This section is for comments related to problems with the blacklist (such as incorrect syntax or entries not being blocked), or problems saving a page because of a blacklisted title. This is not the section to request that an entry be unlisted (see Proposed removals above).

Likely false positives and outdated entries[edit]

The entries for ".*neoplano.*" and "User(?: talk)?:(?:Moulton" etc. are likely to cause more false positives than intended results - there's a genus of snails (possibly extinct) called Neoplanorbis (with articles in 5 languages so far), with four species (each with articles in 7 languages), and subfamily Neoplanorbinae so I'd suggest excluding those titles from the blacklist entry if possible; the Moulton entry blocks the talk pages of all users whose names start "Moulton" - of 19 accounts in the global users list, only one (Moulton) is locked, another (Moulton 2DFS) is blocked on the only wiki on which it exists, and of the others the six that have edited are almost certainly false positives - it appears to have been intended to block user and talk pages and subpages of accounts just called "Moulton", but not the others. There's also a section in the blacklist with "suggested remove after 2013-10" - this may need updating or removing. Peter James (talk) 23:16, 30 August 2014 (UTC)

I will ask the enWP checkusers to provide an opinion.  — billinghurst sDrewth 01:07, 31 August 2014 (UTC)
Removed neoplano  — billinghurst sDrewth 22:55, 19 October 2014 (UTC)
Removed Moulton  — billinghurst sDrewth 22:55, 19 October 2014 (UTC)

SUL finalization[edit]

What happens to the local username blacklists after SUL finalization? Do we have a process for migrating the local username blacklists to the global blacklist? I remember seeing a bug about it once but can't find it now. --Glaisher (talk) 16:21, 21 December 2014 (UTC)

phab:T38939 --Glaisher (talk) 16:34, 10 March 2015 (UTC)
FWIW, local username blacklists are going to be disabled soon. --Glaisher (talk) 04:06, 11 March 2015 (UTC)
So since this is going to happen, we need a process for migrating reasonable rules from local blacklists to this one (also abusefilters which prevents usernames needs to be disabled and imported here). We've a list of pages with <newaccountonly> tags here. To get it done, people could propose which entries they want here and we could discuss it here. If it is sensible and if there are no objections, then we could add it. A cleanup of this blacklist is also needed, imo. Glaisher (talk) 12:57, 11 March 2015 (UTC)
Me and Bennylin have cleaned up the blacklist today: (log entry / diff). Suggestions welcome. --Glaisher (talk) 17:39, 11 March 2015 (UTC)

Japanese Wikipedia[edit]

I've started a discussion at jawiki. Now, comparing the meta list and ours, I have a question. Why does the list catch spoof texts like .*AD+M1+N.* or .*CHECKU5ER.* but not the strings .*admin.* or .*checkuser.* themselves? Is this being handled by some other layer? If so, how does that layer treat localized variants of user functions like .*管理者.* ? (Japanese l10n for admin) 朝彦 (Asahiko) (talk) 04:46, 14 March 2015 (UTC)

Hello! I modified these strings only yesterday to make it work with antispoof. With AntiSpoof, we can make it more simple and still match strings with similar characters (like [aâãäå] for example). Thus, it would still prevent usernames containing "admin". It only matches similar characters and won't catch localized variants. So if we want to prevent 管理者 and other translations, it'll have to be separately added. Regards, Glaisher (talk) 09:42, 14 March 2015 (UTC)
I get it now. Thank you. I've included the relevant user right names in the proposal for addition above. --朝彦 | Asahiko (talk) 23:37, 19 March 2015 (UTC)

SUL finalization: prevent new accounts that would take the placeholder names[edit]

Accounts that are going to be renamed have been told that they have a name reserved for them in the form of ~homedatabasename (e.g. Keegan~mediawikiwiki). Their names should probably actually be reserved by title blacklist preventing their creation; only Stewards and global renamers should be able to make them if accounts request to go ahead and be renamed to that. I have no idea what the regex for this is :) Keegan (WMF) (talk) 06:36, 22 March 2015 (UTC)

It'd be easy to prevent usernames like "Keegan~mediawikiwiki" with regex but I don't think it's possible to check whether the part before the ~ is an already taken username or not. Glaisher (talk) 08:18, 22 March 2015 (UTC)
This is already becoming a problem. I honestly don't care if the global username is taken or not. I say we add .*~.*wiki? The projectnames that do not end with wiki is already covered by the other line. --朝彦 | Asahiko (talk) 15:41, 26 March 2015 (UTC)
Krenair points out in phabricator that .*(wiki(books|data|news|quote|source|species|versity|voyage).* is missing a closing parenthesis. --朝彦 | Asahiko (talk) 15:56, 26 March 2015 (UTC)
I've added .+~.+wiki to the blacklist. All the other projects are also prevented anyway. Glaisher (talk) 03:41, 31 March 2015 (UTC)
Doesn't this mean that renamed users won't be able to autocreate accounts when visiting other wikis after they have had their accounts renamed? See voy:Special:PermanentLink/2006449#User rename request: a user with an SUL account wasn't able to autocreate on Wikivoyage because of the blacklist. If a user is fine with his new name "Example~xxwiki", then the user will want to be able to edit under that name on yywiki and therefore needs to be able to autocreate an account when visiting yywiki for the first time. If a user isn't fine with that name, then the user might still need to autocreate "Example~xxwiki@metawiki" in order to request renaming at SRUC. --Stefan2 (talk) 22:12, 1 April 2015 (UTC)
Yes, it will prevent autocreations as well but we should remove this along with the renaming process. (cc @Keegan:) Glaisher (talk) 12:20, 2 April 2015 (UTC)
Removed Removed now. Glaisher (talk) 12:33, 15 April 2015 (UTC)

SUL Finalization part III[edit]

Disabled the wiki set of entries temporarily as they are stopping renamed users from creating new accounts (per request by Legoktm on IRC). We probably need to take a look at figuring out a way to handle this better. Snowolf How can I help? 21:04, 21 April 2015 (UTC)

Due to SUL finalisation naming rules, user names may end with database names (xxxwikivoyage, yyywiktionary, zzzwikidatawiki), and the database name will always use lowercase letters. Is there some situations where project names legitimately may appear elsewhere in user names, or with uppercase letters? Keep in mind that the suffix -wiki is added to some project names, for example wikidatawiki and mediawikiwiki. --Stefan2 (talk) 22:17, 23 April 2015 (UTC)