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More women?[edit]

I am male. I've been active here for a number of years.
Have I encountered any good women editors? Sorry, none come to mind. Good editors are guys.
Maybe I'm not reading the articles where the great women are active, sure, that's possible.
When I think of women editors here, I think of a word I was taught never to use as a boy. A word that I was shocked to hear a girlfriend of mine using to describe herself many years ago. That word is bitch. To this day, it's a word I use reluctantly.
I don't know why it is, but women in Wikipedia are bitches. They are unreasonable; they have little temper tantrums.
If you are disagreeing with another guy, then a compromise is possible. We're guys.
But with a woman?
One of my girlfriends told me once that she doesn't like women; they're conniving two-faced petty backstabbers, and so she prefers men because we're not like that.
I would be happier with fewer women here since they are a problem.
You try to have a discussion on the merits of a certain paragraph in a specific article. What does she do? She retaliates by reading over your talk history looking for weapons to use against you in an ad hominem attack. Do guys do that? Not particularly; we're not girls.
That is just one man's honest opinion based on his personal observation. I wish I could report otherwise.
Would I normally sign my ID to this? Sure, normally. But women here are nasty and vindicative.
Maybe the nice girls need to make themselves more visible. But those others should go straight to Hell.