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Some remarks about the translation and the terminology uses:

  1. The list's alphabetical arrangement is according to the countries' names in Hebrew (note that New York City is listed under א for ארצות הברית, because in the English version it is listed under U for United States.
  2. There is no Hebrew word for chapter (it might be a good idea to ask the Hebrew Language Academy for some solution on this matter). The term used here is אגודת-ויקימדיה מקומית ("local Wikimedia-association") or in short אגודת-ויקימדיה (Wikimedia-association, hyphened). Please note that any other term, most particularly סניף ("branch") could be misleading. I thought of using the term שלוחה (lit. "extension"), but it could be somewhat misleading too.
  3. The Hebrew term עמותה (amuta) is avoided unless talking about Wikimedia Israel. This term has a specific legal meaning in Israel, and it can be misleading when talking about other countries, hence the term אגודה is used.
  4. "mission" is a tricky word. In this text it is translated as "יעדים". "to pursuit the mission" is translated as: לפעול למען היעדים.
  5. "sub-national" - another tricky term. After giving it some thought and Google-searches, I decided to use תת-מדינתי. I know it is somewhat problematic, especially as מדינה is also used in Hebrew in the sense of a US-state, but this is the best solution I could come up with.
  6. "incorporation" - תאגיד (when used as plain noun), when used as verbal noun - התאגדות. "to incorporate" - להתאגד. "incorporated body" - גוף תאגידי. Note that "Inc.", "Incorporated", "Ltd." when used at the ends of chapters' names are better be removed from the Hebrew translation of the chapters' name. In any case do not translate it as בע"מ or בעירבון מוגבל, as these terms are used only for commercial companies in official Hebrew.
  7. less tricky terms, but still for the sake of consistency: "approved by" - קיבלה את אישורה של; "recognized by" - הוכרה ; על-ידי
Dror_K 05:36, 13 November 2009 (UTC)Reply

A remark about names of countries/territories: I strictly followed the English version in cases where choosing one of several alternative names could be somehow understood as a support in a certain political view. The only exception is "Britain" (בריטניה) instead of "the United Kingdom", because "הממלכה המאוחדת" is a term hardly known to Hebrew speakers, and because UK officials usually don't object this usage.