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Quarto release[edit]

Hi, forks. I am always grateful to you on your translation work. Today would you like me to introduce two mailing lists? quarto-l and translators-l. If you are interested in edit in general, you would find a fun on quarto-l. If not, I ask you to consider subscribing translatiors-l, there we editors make announce related to translation.

As for Quarto, on quarto-l today I made a proposal that we will release it on the Foundation Wiki on March 15. Anthere supports this schedule generally. For release, I think, at least four pages should be finished: pages 1-3 and 8, though some parts of pages 8 will be soon changed (Calender and Endnotes). Do you think if we can release Chinese version on that day? Before release, the edition should be proofread and tweaks and typos should be removed. And I would be happy if one of you would proofread it and supervise all the translation of Chinese version.

If March 15 is too early for you, it would be ok to release it till the end of month.

I can't understand Chinese but for me it will be able to release with the pages I mentioned on the above, if you concentrate page 3 and 8. Please feel free to let me know your idea. Cheers, --Aphaia | WQ2翻訳中 | talk 15:32, 5 Mar 2005 (UTC)