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Look at this page: It is using some greek letters. This is a good idea, sadly these greek characters are encoded in ASCII form.

I tried converting Unicode character (very simple on Mac OS X: 1. copy the browser, 2. paste in a UTF-8 HTML page in BBEdit, 3. preview in browser, 4. copy the result, 5. paste in your doc, they had been converted).

Sadly, that simply doesn't work. Wiki doesn't like unicode character (I also tried a more conventionnal method of manually inserting character with the character palette, with no more success)

ho,Is it planned to integrate Unicode support?

If we ever manage to set up a workaround for common broken browsers that corrupt UTF-8 pages when editing them, yes. Meta, Wiktionary, and the non-western-European language Wikipedias (on the new software) are all using UTF-8 already.
As for inserting (non-ISO-8859-1) Unicode characters into the western-language wikis for the time being, I recommend using a browse such as Mozilla, which will happily transform characters outside of the document's encoding into numeric character references (eg, & #365; for ŭ) on form submission, so they will appear when viewing the page. --Brion VIBBER 21:02 28 Jun 2003 (UTC)