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Mediation is not Facilitation. So, while mediation may lead to better work on articles or between editors, it is not designed to faciliate the editing of articles where people disagree but it has not come to an impasse.

wellll. I am not so convinced. If you speak of mediation of MC, perhaps yes, though...why not ? But if you speak of mediation in general, I think mediation is facilitation. What do you think ? ant

Thanks for reading this article. I guess that's exactly why I started this --I'm not sure either -- some of the arguments in favor of facilitation were persuasive. My instinct is that it will be very difficult in some cases, and impossible in others, but that it could be very useful -- if the people are serious about wanting help.
Par exemple, la situation avec Lir et les autres a en:DNA c'est trop difficile pour aider en médiation. Mais en une autre situation, c'est possible aider le disputants. But I'm still not sure. Perhaps I am thinking too much of my recent experience with Lir. There, I do not think it would help -- so I am open to the possibility.
However, I want to ask you to think about what the problems could be if the committee is seen by people as "a way to make someone talk to you," instead of a way to come to a common place -- and what we could do to make sure that we are not emissaries between disputants, instead of mediators.
J'apprécie ta avis and ton meilleur penseur à cette affaire, BCorr|Брайен 03:02, 1 Apr 2004 (UTC)