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WikiMoney may refer different projects about wiki and money :

Proposed by[edit]

AxelBoldt in 2003[edit]

WikiMoney was a mutual credit system introduced to Wikipedia in May 2003 by User:AxelBoldt. It was never especially popular and fell into nearly complete disuse by September 2004. The stated purpose of WikiMoney is to create an "economy of incentives" for working on Wikipedia-related tasks.

wikij84 in 2011[edit]

WikiMoney is an idea of a community edited wiki to illustrate how organizations and people are linked financially. Because this information is not public, this wiki has never started.

Copyleft in 2022[edit]

Wikimoney : edit your money !

Wikimoney is a coin publishing project. The interest is to reclaim the free coinage (see Free silver). Another advantage of physically transforming a legal tender currency is to create a community currency with a stable value, equal to the legal tender plus an issue premium. Finally, affixing a countermark in the form of a unique identifier on a coin makes it possible to dematerialize and trace the transfer of ownership