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Hi! Thanks for your interest in the Wikiproject group at Meta.

This groups is still in it's formative stages but is far-reaching and thinking plnet-wide in scope. We have a channel on FreenodeIRC - #wikiprojects. We've defined ourselves as Wikimedia-weighted but not exclusive. We have contacted people from other projects outside of the Wikimedia circle in an effort to find out what sorts of other project-focused efforts are out there, particularly those that use any flavor of wiki as their collaboration platform.

The project's rationale is outlined here at meta on our project page which includes links to other WikiProject resources inside Wikimedia and the Wikipedias as well as a couple outside. Quinobi 02:25, 18 July 2005 (UTC)

Discussion Forum[edit]

This project is aimed at being open and friendly to all.


The vast list of Wikipedia:WikiProjects

There are many WikiProjects that have become inactive. Currently there is an effort to sort the inactive from the active. This effort is being conducted by w:User:Tobacman and w:User:Radiant!.

World class stub sorter w:User:Ceyockey has also introduced metadata to some of the WikiProjects on the listing so far under the Biology heading and some under the Entertainment section:
  • WikiProject creation month and year
  • WikiProject purpose/scope
  • Inactivity code I for inactive

This will make the listing much more useful, I think Quinobi 03:09, 18 July 2005 (UTC)

I've started using the meta-data I've added so far to the page in looking at some creation trends for WikiProjects. This analysis is collected at w:Wikipedia:WikiProject creation trends which might be of interest here. The sliver of analysis done so far seems to show that 2004 (into 2005) is the year when a critical mass was reached where people became aware of and active in improving the quality of Wikipedia across topic areas. I don't know enough about trends in group (mob :)) activities to be able to further intrepret the information at this time; rather it's best for me to continue down the road of collecting (and posting) meta-data to provide for a richer examination of the environment. (p.s. thanks for the invitation to look over here, Quinobi). Ceyockey 21:18, 19 July 2005 (UTC)
Hey, thanks for coming over Ceyockey and for all that work. There's also some discussion going on at w:Wikipedia_talk:WikiProject#Reorg_time about reorganizing the list which as you know has been moving around a bit. This effort over here at Meta is more about sharing info among the different Wikiproject-related stuff at the diferent language wikipedias, the commons, wiktionary and such as well as other wikis. Quinobi 02:08, 20 July 2005 (UTC)

Topic matrix[edit]

Wikipedia wikiproject template[edit]

Quinobi's idea submitted on 17:12, 5 August 2006 (UTC):
See also Communitas

w:Template:Wikiproject currently redirects to w:Template:WikiProject. Several points:

  1. The current template is clunky including the CamelCode WikiProject pseudo namespace.
  2. The w:List of WikiProjects is nearly out of hand
  3. The "metadata" and "subpage" links could be made more useful by including some Meta-involvement (this group).
  4. Nothing on the current template is align to easily setup w:WP:1 assessments (but could be -imo- cq)
  5. ...

Thoughts? Quinobi 17:12, 5 August 2006 (UTC)

Official IRC Channel[edit]

global Wikiprojects[edit]

So, are the projects going to be global yet, i.e cross-wiki?--Dchmelik 15:08, 1 March 2009 (UTC)