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I would like to present my idea "Wikidate" a free database for cultural events, that could be used from anyone to fill in interesting cultural events, purpose would be that a big global database with events from all over the world would be created that could be used as database for the several websites on the web that display cultural events. Yes right, you ask why give a free database to private companies that could use this for free. Perhaps there could also be a way to get fees for using this database from companies, and that the money earned through that would go to the Wikipedia project. I just had this idea because i found that you don't find really good databases for cultural events, no one is really detailed, or where you can see dates from much places of the world. So with one database where all the organizations and privates allover the world could enter there events with place and time, that would give a really awesome database, that would really help people in their daily life, and for Wikipedia it would be good to make Wikipedia more known in the world. Hope my idea was good and that you can use it, a project like that would be awesome:)