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Issues about this proposed sister project[edit]

I Oppose Oppose this proposal because the following reasons:

  1. Some of the proposed contents are not about an educational, informational or about certain type of knowledge goal.
  2. There is certain (if not almost completely) overlap with existing sister projects:
    • "This project will get all the entertaining sources. It will report news about whats happening now with this entertainment source subject. It will keep information about award shows. TV shows, Cartoons."... "The overview of this project is to give useful daily information about entertainment sources (Movies,Actors,Celebrities,Music,TV etc)" — this is theoretically covered by Wikinews. If there is not news about celebrities and entertainment world (which by the way, the way is thought is western-centric), it is because there are not wikimedians who are writing this kind of news, in other words, lack of users. If you are interested in report about entertainment world, then you can try to write a news article.
    • Overlap with Wikipedia's encyclopedic information.
  3. "For example, take music and a song ,This site will have the song's lyric and the notes to play it on different objects" — this would be a problem, because you cannot broadcast or host non-free/copyrighted media unless your hypothetical wiki adopts a Exemption Doctrine Policy to allow non-free media due to a fair-use rationale. And most wikimedians strongly disagree and rejects non-free media (unlike English Wikipedians, which seems to love it because enwiki hosts a lot of copyrighted content), and therefore would not support this proposal.
  4. I am not willing to support a proposal with an anglocentric name. Why are proposed projects' names always in English?

--Zerabat (discusión) 22:52, 25 February 2018 (UTC)Reply


  • @Zerabat: Thank you for giving me your opinion on this project.
  • Replying to your first term- This project will display whats going on with the world... it will educate the people with what new with- Technology, celebrities and all the other stuff stated in the Content page. This would be the way of educating people about the worlds status in many fields.
  • Replying to second term- Yes there is, but this certainly has a different point. This would be more like wikia, but, more specific in ways...
  • Replying to your third term- Wikinews doesn't give information about games released and stuff, and wikinews doesn't cover all the stories...
  • Replying to fourth term- Yes, But Wikipedia doesn't supply everything, they don't supply video game guides and they also don't give news on technology updates.
  • Replying to fifth term- Yes, i agree with you on this, we can switch it up.
  • Reply to sixth term- Yes, i'm against that too... I too sometimes think why is everything english and not My language, but we will just have to work with the way it is... ArepTicous talkcontribs 10:11, 6 May 2019 (UTC)Reply

Just one problem with the "issue"[edit]

You shouldn't say "English names" are an "issue".