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Wikimedia Brasil
Country codeBR
Main officeSâo Paulo
Official language(s)Português
Incorporation paperBylaws
AffiliationsWikimedia Foundation

Wikimedia Brasil is a group of volunteers from Wikimedia movement engaged in promoting activities with the aim of developing and disseminating free content in Brazil.


We are 18 identified people (and 39 generally interested) in different projects and with different levels of activity. Most of us are more active in pt.wikipedia. There are also contributors from pt.wikiversity, pt.wikiquote, en.wikipedia, eo.wikipedia, other projects in Esperanto, and Wikimedia Commons. Ten of us already attended regional meetings, and 8 of us already attended Wikimania or other international meetings (e.g. Iberocoop Conference). Eight of us are living in São Paulo or in its nearby cities.

Time path[edit]

In early 2008, the Brazilian community started a process for establishing a local organization to promote the WMF projects within the country. In September of that year, we submitted to the ChapCom a proposal for creating the chapter Wikimedia Brasil, which was approved. Nevertheless, in the same year, the volunteers have chosen not to establish a formal chapter in that time. The reasons were pointed out in the Chapter Report 2008, but this discussion was never concluded.

In 2011, the whole Brazilian community has finally reached an agreement, in order to create a minimum legal structure to support and expand our activities across the country. Those activities will keep being freely created and driven by volunteers, but with legal, institutional and financial support by WMBR Board. With such model in mind, we have re-written our bylaws, which is now completely reviewed by lawyers. The next step will be submitting it to the ChapCom and asking for the new recognition as a chapter. All our steps are being widely announced, either in our mailing-list as in social networks and also discussed in our wiki and in many IRC-meetings.


We have made several activities over this time, including community meet-ups, meetings with chapters/WMF staff and with partners, presentations, photo scavenger hunts and editing contests.

Planned activities[edit]

With the formalization, we expect to have the possibility to manage funds and therefore expand the actual projects, as well as to organize other kind of activities, e.g. GLAM partnerships, our own outreach events and an annual national community meet-up.

Future members[edit]

By looking to the other chapters, it would be reasonable to reach 100 volunteers at the end of the first year.

Lawyer review[edit]

The Portuguese text of our bylaws was reviewed by a lawyer from Instituto Pro Bono (, a non-profit association that is kindly providing law assessment to our group.

To-do tasks[edit]

# Step Status
1 Gathering the people Done
2 Goals and Structure Done
3 Pilot program Done
4 Fundamental documents Done
5 Apply to be approved Done
6 Register with the authorities Not done
7 Get some money Doing...
8 Go! Doing...

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