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Document retention policy[edit]

If this proposal relates to the fact that so many documents are held in Google Docs by WMF employees,

  • where they vanish either by mistake or by departure of the person, so that years or even months later when we need them they are impossible to find, plus
  • no real internal knowledge system exists, because Google Docs is not a wiki and there are no links between docs, let alone categories or a global search,

then this is a very welcome item. I was told some years ago that Office IT in theory had a policy about all such documents being transferred in some way, but that doesn't seem to work spectacularly well.

Please consider adopting a more transparent/powerful system, such as maybe ownCloud with Collabora; or empowering the wikis for private drafting/whatever the current use cases are, as suggested e.g. in the idea of consolidating private wikis. --Nemo 19:18, 16 June 2017 (UTC)Reply[reply]