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Great history[edit]

Fae has presented an interesting report for being a marker of the present state of LGBT+ outreach in the Wikimedia community at the present time. I think that in the future people looking back will take for granted that LGBT+ acceptance was everywhere, when in fact it is still something for the Wikimedia community to communicate and create.

I agree that there are parallels between AfroCROWD's outreach to people of African descent and LGBT+ outreach in wiki, as in both cases, having a little representation in the larger community makes many more individuals in the minority population more likely to join projects. I feel the same way about women's outreach because a little general diversity makes minority groups even without representation more likely to participate, just because more people feel invited in a diverse space.

I appreciate Fae's outreach to South Asian communities, naming Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, and Nepal specifically. Blue Diamond is a small organization. I have a colleague who met with them in 2010 and it seemed small then. I would like to re-engage them but I think the best thing for LGBT+ communities in wiki is having a general base for Wikimedia activity in a region. I would like to see all South Asian Wikimedia community groups grow and request more funds, because money goes a long way there and this region has had challenges accepting the funding which would be theirs if they could navigate the bureaucracy.

I am happy that a consequence of this has been discussion about gender neutral language on Commons and English Wikipedia. Thanks for the report. Blue Rasberry (talk) 15:09, 11 April 2017 (UTC)Reply[reply]