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Welcome to the talk page for the proposed Wikimedia Language Diversity Hub! If you have any questions, ideas or input, or would like to get involved in the work somehow, please leave a message here!

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Interest to join the Steering committee


Hi! Do you still need some help in the steering committee? If yes, I am interested. --K2suvi (talk) 19:00, 28 November 2021 (UTC)Reply

Hi @K2suvi, sorry for taking so long to reply here! In the previous steering committee meeting, we decided to open it up for observer members as well – are you still interested? If so, we can bring that up in the next meeting, and I don't foresee any problems. Jon Harald Søby (WMNO) (talk) 14:00, 28 January 2022 (UTC)Reply
@Jon Harald Søby (WMNO): Ping! I'm interested. I'm the lead editor / coordinator for LinguaLibre. So much to do on this diversity front. After spending years on setting up, keeping up, reorienting Lili, I would like to connect with other initiatives and be an observing member of this Language Diversity Hub. Yug (talk) 22:21, 13 August 2022 (UTC)Reply

Hello , i love language Studies especially in diversity and am interested to join this great committee. Akwugo (talk) 11:45, 8 September 2022 (UTC)Reply

Hi @AkwugoThanks for your interest!! We will be calling for a new meeting soon, and I hope to see you there. I will invite you to the next meeting as an observer member. Can you please send me your E-mail adress to mali @ wikimedia. no? thank you! Mali Brødreskift (WMNO) (talk) 09:42, 10 October 2022 (UTC)Reply
Thanks@Mali Brødreskift (WMNO)my email is peacetilo92@gmail.com Akwugo (talk) 11:06, 10 October 2022 (UTC)Reply

This is good idea Issahiddris (talk) 10:22, 9 September 2022 (UTC)Reply

Thank you @Issahiddris. Are you also interested in joining the steering committee as an observer member? Mali Brødreskift (WMNO) (talk) 09:43, 10 October 2022 (UTC)Reply
Hi, If there are still open positions, I am interested to join the steering committee. I have experience working with small and indigenous languages in India. Thanks :) - SPatnaik (WMF) (talk) 08:15, 7 March 2023 (UTC)Reply
Hi, I am interested to join the steering committee. I am currently working with Gondi and Kolami Wikimedia projects in the incubator, these are indigenous languages from central India. Please let me know if I can join. Thanks:) Nskjnv (talk) 15:04, 17 July 2023 (UTC)Reply

Non-English based Programming languages


I am interested in programming. The most keywords in programming languages are based on the english language. There are some programming languages based on other script or language used for the keywords. Examples are listed in the article linked English Wikipedia article in the sentence before. From my point view there is at the moment a big presence of English in Computer science. Do you have experience with Non-English-Based programming languages and what do you think about the current situation. Does the language barrier exclude people from programming or make it more difficult. From my point of view it is interesting to discuss that to make Wikifunctions what is maybe the basis for Abstract Wikipedia an inclusive project and lower the barriers and there especially the language barriers for making contributions. Spreadsheetfunctions are translated into many languages and are additional to visual programming languages like Scratch the examples where Multilanguage support is a standard. Please tell me if you think that the current situation is acceptable or if you wish that something changes. Hogü-456 (talk) 20:58, 23 November 2022 (UTC)Reply

@Mali Brødreskift (WMNO) What do you think about that. Is the Language Diversity Hub focused on natural languages or is it also about Programming languages. There is a new project page about other multilingual concepts of programming. Hogü-456 (talk) 21:24, 18 December 2022 (UTC)Reply
Hi @Hogü-456! thanks for sharing about this! it has not been a topic for discussion yet in the Hub. I do believe this is a barrier that has not been talked enough about, and I am happy to bring this topic up in the next meeting. Maybe you would be itneresting in presenting the project there? Mali Brødreskift (WMNO) (talk) 09:22, 21 December 2022 (UTC)Reply
I am interested in presenting the project in the meeting. When will the next meeting happen. Hogü-456 (talk) 19:42, 21 December 2022 (UTC)Reply

Wikimedia Posts about diversity


Program ?


@Mali Brødreskift (WMNO), Jon Harald Søby (WMNO), Astrid Carlsen (WMNO), and Amqui: thank a lot for pushing forward with yesterday visio-conference. I still consider myself an observer, but I would like help around, first with my on-wiki project organization skills. One of the first thing to do as a "hub" seems to me to be the following :

Most is well on track already thanks to the WMNO's team. But I'm interested to exchange lightly with you to ensure my involvement in this general direction is ok. Then I can push forward, cleaning things around, and drafting a {{Wikimedia Language Diversity/Program}} for you to review (mostly a timed list of Wikimedia Hackathons, Celtic knot, Wikimania, etc.). Yug (talk) 13:38, 13 December 2022 (UTC)Reply

Meet at Wikimania?


I am on a team evaluating prospects for a North American hub. We are collecting example of practice from other affiliates and hubs. Could I/we meet with any organizers or Steering Committee members of the Language Diversity Hub, at the 2023 Wikimania perhaps, or by video call later? -- econterms (talk) 23:34, 3 August 2023 (UTC)Reply

Interest to join as an observer


Hi, I'm Lhoussine AIT TAYFST from tamazight wikipedia wp/zgh/ I'm interested to join the steering committee as an observer --Lhoussine AIT TAYFST (talk) 15:20, 30 October 2023 (UTC)Reply


Hello! I just wanted to let you know that I recorded an interview with User:Malikbr at the Wikimedia Summit 2024 where she was representing the hub. You'll find it here and on Commons. Ainali talkcontributions 11:24, 2 May 2024 (UTC)Reply