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New discussion page[edit]

About the choosen syntax[edit]

Discuss here the final syntax and how to improve it while keeping it retro-compatible.


Old discussion page, please do not add discussion in this archives.[edit]

Great if you stored quiz results for each user[edit]

It would be great to see this quiz idea expanded so that results are stored against the user. For a wiki where people need to understand and know a bunch of topics, it would be a good way to say this person has completed the following (quiz) pages.

Ie read up on these items and answer the quick quiz to reflect some understanding.

For example: User: John

Quiz's completed[edit]

Date Page
10/5/2005 Definition of Money 1
17/9/2005 Investments & Risk 2
11/10/2005 Bonds as an asset class 1

just as an example

This is Just the syntax for the quizes themselves[edit]

As far as storage of quizes, that would be done automatically by another system. Sort of like the history is done with editing wikipedia pages. There's all kinds of things that can be done as long as a user is logged in takes the test. The most important part, for now, to get the ball rolling, is to decide on a standard for creating questions. Once we do that, we work on a way to process those questions to display the results we want. Once we do that, we work on a way to store those results, associated with the logged-on user who took the test, in a database.

im working on a project that this extension would be perfect for! all those syntaxes (syntaxi?) look great, lets do this thing! Spencerk 03:01, 18 February 2006 (UTC)

Quiz Hack for MediaWiki[edit]

I have modified xmlQuiz (by Jon Thomas) to work within the MediaWiki framework. Now this is not a true extension as what I did was placed a MediaWiki wrapper around the xmlQuiz.

Within a new directory I added two files:

Then I make an external link from within the MediaWiki site to http://website/wiki/quizes/Quiz.php.

This met the basic requirement I had to provide some form of quizes on the MediaWiki site. In the future I may modify this further to become an actual extension with the appropriate hooks.

Smcnaught (17:23, 1 March 2006 (UTC))

Quiz Creation Tool for MediaWiki[edit]

I used the modification above and using the MediaWiki wrapper provided, created a tool to create a quiz inside the MediaWiki framework. The tool itself (apart from the provided wrapper) is entirely my own code. As it is my first Php script, it lacks some of the more basic elements of a proper script. It needs security code added to it, and some error checking if the user acts stupidly, but I thought I'd put it up here so people can look at it.

Within the same directory as the above article I added 2 more files:

This will prompt the user to create a quiz, and copies the Quiz.php file above to the correct filename, inserting the new quiz_name.xml filename inside it.

To download a zipfile of this program, it will be available soon on [].

David Wees (11:49, 5 July 2006 (GMT))

Old Wikiquiz page[edit]

Wikiquiz is a proposed extension for MediaWiki. It should serve as a e-learning tool for projects like Wikiversity. The idea is, to build in wikisyntax multiple choice questionaries which are displayed as HTML forms. The reader can fill out the form and on submit he gets the results the editor of the quiz defined beforehand - maybe enriched by links to wikipedia articles or texts on wikibooks for deeper explanations.


The same syntax as for the chess and music extensions should be used, that is, a quiz can be started by adding <wikiquiz></wikiquiz> to a page. The question is which syntax should be used inside these tags. A proposal in (rather uncomfortable) xml-style to explain how I imagine such a test:

      To which school of thought did Diogenes of Kyrene belong? 
    <answer value="true" score="10" explanation="Diogenes was blabla. More information at en:Diogenes">
    <answer value="false" score="-5" explanation="Wrong. See en:Stoa">
    <answer value="false" score="-10" explanation="See en:Sophists">

These are just first thoughts. Please feel free to improve upon them, add your suggestions, especially for an easy syntax.

Syntax proposals[edit]
Proposal 1 by Bodo Thiesen[edit]
$To which school of thought did Diogenes of Kyrene belong?
+10 ((Cynic)) Diogenes was blabla. More information at [[:en:Diogenes]]
-5  ((Stoic)) Wrong. See [[:en:Stoa]]
-10 ((Sophist)) See [[:en:Sophists]]
Proposal 2 by Bodo Thiesen[edit]
# Very hard question with multiple correct answers.
$x <points>
Very important correct answer
+Explanation to be print if answer was selected
-Explanation to be print if answer was not selected
$x <points>
Not so important correct answer
-Only say anything if this was not selected
$x <points>
An awfully wrong answer
+Only complain if selected

$((Two non-multiple choice questions)) {
# Yes-No question.
$o <points>
+Explanation if answer was correct
-Explanation if answer was wrong

# Text before input box (or text area)
$# <points>               // text area, for an input box use $_ instead of $#
Default value.
For a text area 
multiple lines 
are allowed.
Not for an input box, of course.
+Explanation on correct answer
-Explanation on incorrect answer

This should be rendered to something like this:

1. Very hard question with multiple correct answers.
[ ] Very important correct answer
[ ] Not so important correct answer
[ ] An awfully wrong answer

+- Two non-multiple choice questions ------------------+
| 1. Yes-No question.                                  |
| ( ) Yes-Answer                                       |
| ( ) No-Answer                                        |
|                                                      |
| 2. Text before input box (or text area)              |
| +--------------------------------------------------+ |
| |Default value.                                    | |
| |For a text area                                   | |
| |multiple lines                                    | |
| |are allowed.                                      | |
| |Not for an input box, of course.                  | |
| +--------------------------------------------------+ |
<send answer>
Proposal 3 by socratesOne[edit]

I think the syntax of proposal 1 is great, but, in order to be more flexible, we have to consider more than just multiple choice questions, as you suggested in Proposal 2. Also, we need to have some kind of indexing system so that people putting courses together can search for quizzes that have already been made. This way, each quiz can be re-used by different courses. For instance, a quiz on the history of the internet might be in a course about the history of computing. It also might be in a course about web design, or DARPA.

Also, I noticed in proposal 2 that you wanted to put text boxes, for text entry. Unfortunately, I don't think this would be very practicle, as it would require some degree of AI, if only at the spell-checker level.

I think that, in order to make it as easy as possible, we have to rely on the processing of the questions and the display of the questions to do all the hard work. We should just have unambiguous, but simple, syntax for each question, which is why I like Proposal 1. It's easy to read and write.

Of course, perhaps we should just create an XML standard? (Actually, mayber there already is one)

<quiz name="FruitsAndVeggiesQuiz">
<tags>Fruit, Vegetables</tags>   // tags identifying subjects for search and association

<question type="multipleChoice">
 $Which is a fruit?
   +10 ((Bannana)) Correct! A bannana is a fruit [[:en:Bannana]]
   -5  ((Tree)) Wrong. You need to read more. [[:en:tree]]
   -10 ((Sophist)) Wrong. You just guessed, didn't you? [[:en:Sophists]]

<question type="trueFalse">
 $An apple is a fruit.
   +5 ((true)) Yes, obviously. [[:en:Apple]]
   -5 ((false)) Wrong. How have you survived for this long? [[:en:Apple]]

<question type="match">
 $Match the following fruits with their color.
   +5 ((each || total))

<question type="catagory">
 $Place each fruit or vegatable in the proper catagory.
  ((George W. Bush:vegetable))


-Then, a course can be created

<course name="Basic Food Groups 101">

<section1 title="Understanding Fruits & Veggies">
: introductory paragraph for fruits section, more normal wiki code. Links to external articals, such as [fruitsArticle]]. 
: introductory paragraph for veggies section.[[vegetablesArticle]]

<section2 title="Understanding Grains">

Wikiversity interest[edit]

I am interested in implementing this in wikiversity, is it done yet? We also have some working examples, like v:Template:ABCD, v:El Salón de Clase quizI, and this monobook aided one from Comae, v:Test and Quiz/Sandbox/Timedredirect1, which uses this code--Rayd 19:48, 3 February 2007 (UTC)