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Targets of trolls

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This page is an attempt to catalogue those users on Wikipedia who have been the target(s) of malicious attacks by trolls. One can never know the reasons that trolls have for their bizarre fixations. Some have suggested a Freudian explanation (perhaps mommy wasn't loving enough, perhaps mommy was TOO loving), others have suggested a more contemporary logic (they're simply losers with nothing else to do). Whatever the cause, it is clear that trolls often target individuals, and this page is a place for those targets to come and celebrate their status. More often than not, anyone who has been targeted by a troll is doing something right. Reflect on the old saying: "The quality of a Wikipedian can be judged by the amount of reverts to their user page that are defense against troll attack." OK, it's not an old saying, I just made it up, but still, it's amusing. OK, well, maybe not "ha-ha" amusing, but it makes you think. OK, so it doesn't make you think hard, but hey, what do you want from a stupid Meta-Wikipedia article?

Or maybe, folks who manage to revert banned users without getting their homepage vandalised should be congratulated on their amazing level of diplomacy and their ability to inspire kindness in even the basest of creatures.
More likely, they've not done sufficient reverting to be a target? Who can tell...

w:User:Michaelw:User:Dante AlighieriDante keeps reverting Michael's garbage"I've never been so proud!" -DA
Mostly w:User:Mike Garcia as "Johnny the Vandal", a reincarnation of the user detailed above after he was unblockedw:User:HephaestosWas involved unfavorably with Hephaestos somehow on his original account. But if you want more info you're going to have to find and ask him :), or at least an editor that has studied the details on "Johnny the Vandal" enough.en:user:Zoe should be on here too.
Many many manyW:User:AngelaShe does a lot of maintainence, and is well-respected by the community
Many many manyw:User:Redwolf24I have no idea...I got one of my trolls by WELCOMING THEM. How dare I?

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