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Task Force Studio Olocausto
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Task Force Studio Olocausto User Group
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Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it. (George Santayana)

Task Force per lo Studio dell'Olocausto e della sua Negazione User Group (Task Force for the Study of the Holocaust and its Denial User Group, simplified in Task Force Studio Olocausto User Group) is a user group of people interested in improving and developing the documentation of the persecutions, deportations and crimes of the Nazi-Fascist period and it's denial across the Wikimedia projects. In this moment our group operates in two projects in Italian Wikipedia: Persecutions and deportations and crimes of the Nazi-Fascist period and Women and the Holocaust, especially the subproject By the mouth of the perpetrators: The Nazis admit extermination and gas chambers which is the Wikipedia page of our real activity. We are happy to extend the collaboration to other affiliates, projects and individuals who want to serious contribute on the topic in any other language.


  • Improving, with seriousness and precision - based on the wikimedian philosophy - all the thousands of articles about the Holocaust accross the Wikimedia projectss and create new article both on facts not reported up to now, and on new biographies concerning all the encyclopedic characters who were involved in the Holocaust.
  • Correcting errors in our projects or not enough verified informations written years ago without a real knowledge on the Holocaust.
  • Promoting a fruitful collaboration with historians and other personalities, with national and international institutions of the Holocaust/Shoah, Government of the Italian Republic and Italian universities by having access to their important databases on the Holocaust and establish lasting collaborations for conferences and webinars.
  • Spreading knowledge of the internal complexity of the Holocaust - Spread knowledge of the internal processes of the Holocaust.
  • Increasing the citations and to improve the open knowledge and the existence of the primary sources that bear witness to the Holocaust, often forgotten.
  • Better illustrating in Wikipedia the relationship between structure of that period and people facing the Holocaust.


Active collaborations with:

  • the Contemporary Jewish Documentation Center Foundation of Milan (CDEC site),
  • the Foundation Museum of the Shoah in Rome (site)
  • the Memorial of the Shoah in Milan (site) which hosted two our important editathons for the Day of Remembrance before the COVID pandemic with conferences
  • National association of former deportees to Nazi camps (ANED site)
Journalists, professional photographers and grahics
  • Marco Fodde, professional photographer and journalist
  • Luca Capuozzo, professional photographer
  • Carlo Porcelli, professional graphic designer



On going[edit]

  • "Ghetti, campi e luoghi di reclusione e uccisione in Italia: Una dettagliata panoramica di 91 siti italiani" (Ghettos, camps and places of imprisonment and killing in Italy: A detailed overview of 91 Italian sites) (July 2022)

Webinars already planned[edit]

  • "Aktion T4: da Grafeneck a Hadamar - da Kaufbeuren a Irsee e l'assassinio di Ernst Lossa" Aktion T4: from Grafeneck to Hadamar - from Kaufbeuren to Irsee and the murder of Ernst Lossa) (September 2022)

Future webinars and other activities[edit]

  • "Fotografia e propaganda nella Shoah e l'accusa di falsificazione di alcune sue foto" (a cura di Marco Fodde, Luca Capuozzo e Francesco Carbonara)
  • "Una persecuzione non razziale: quella dei Testimoni di Geova" (a cura di Claudio Vercelli (da confermare)
  • "Giorno della Memoria - Il diario di Anna Frank - le prove della sua autenticità e le bugie dei negazionisti" + editathon
  • "Gaswagen e Camere a gas. Le testimonianze dei nazisti"
  • Compilation of a book with the most relevant documents analysed (to be licensed CC by SA).

Photo Gallery[edit]


REGISTRAZIONE DELLA CONFERENZA: Giornata della Memoria 2024 - Resilienza dei Testimoni di Geova
Video della giornata della memoria con Wikipedia 2024: Resilienza dei Testimoni di Geova: il giudizio degli storici sulla persecuzione subita dal regime nazista, alla Triennale di Milano 28 gennaio 2024


How to join in our activities?[edit]

Who resides in Italy can participate in our online and in person activities. Who do not live in Italy can contribute through participation in one of the Wiki pages or online.


Membership of the group is open to all those who want to make their contribution in a constructive way. The only requirement to be a member is to be actively interested in the topic, open to research and have a collaborative spirit.

Primary contacts[edit]