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Teamwork of projects in languages with singular status

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The purpose of this page is to encourage the growth of some Wikimedia projects in underrepresented languages or whose development is being hindered because of singular circumstances. This teamwork is aimed from Wikimedia CAT.


  • Languages used by fewer speakers that in some cases even have no wikipedia yet.
  • Languages used by many speakers but having no reasonable development attending on their population because of sociological or socio-economic circumstances.
  • Basically, languages whose circumstances are hindering the development of a Wikimedia project: they aren't commonly used at school, their regarded main speakers are bilingual, they haven't cultural or intellectual prestige…

To help develop these projects, here is an activity schedule which includes:

Growth is understood on three core goals: quality, volume and audience.

Activities schedule for 2010 – 2011[edit]

  • Throughout this year, interested people are being coordinated through these pages from meta.
  • A proposal to establish 10 new Wikipedias of the languages in singular circumstances. Finding interested people, making a proposal for the new projects and setting them up in the Incubator. 10/01/2011 (10th anniversary of the Wikipedia in English).
  • An international convention about developping Wikipedias in languages with singular status. Barcelona, from March 16th to 20th, 2011 (10th anniversary of Wikipedia in Catalan, the first one having articles after the English version). Leaving the incubator, the 10 new Wikipedias are set up.
    • Experiences.
    • Strategies.
    • Technological tools.
    • Social networks.
    • Collaboration with other organizations whose goal is free culture.
    • Reasons and advantages to explore.
  • Wikimania 2011. Monitoring sessions. Analysis of results. Conclusions. New activities for the following year.


The project is multilingual and it may be opened in different languages with no need to translate them in order to reach the widest participation. Aspects about organizational and general interest should be expressed in English.

Members of the team[edit]

It is expected that the members of the team will provide their own contributions as well as communicate with language project communities to spread and collect initiatives, experiences and cooperation.

If interested in participating please sign here and do not forget to mention the language projects where you are active.

Published research of interest for the project[edit]

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