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Community Relations scope and main activities.
Community Relations scope and main activities.

We strive for productive collaboration between the Wikimedia Foundation and the movement.

The Community Relations team (formerly "Technical Collaboration") supports communications between the Wikimedia Foundation staff and Wikimedia stakeholders. We maintain processes, tools, documentation and data to help Foundation teams understand our communities and communicate effectively with them. We strive to engage a high quantity and diversity of Wikimedians in the Foundation’s projects. Our ultimate goal is to contribute to good common understanding, smooth collaboration and results.

We also run our own programs:

We are part of the Community Engagement department.

Who we are[edit]

Open positions[edit]

As of October 2019, we are hiring for these roles:


These priorities guide our work:

  • Support Foundation projects with special needs to collaborate with Wikimedia communities, like designing campaigns, gathering information, crafting multilingual announcements or facilitating conversations.
  • Document and promote best practices in community engagement and Wikimedia resources for communities, and provide training to both Foundation employees and volunteers.
  • Support the organization of online and face to face community events, in coordination with Community Resources and Travel.
  • Handle questions asked to the Wikimedia Foundation through identified channels within the movement, responding or escalating as needed.

Plans and workspaces[edit]

For our planning process, see Planning.

Our FY 19-20 deliverable work plans:

You can see our work organized in quarterly columns on Phabricator:


See Community Relations/Metrics.


We support Foundation teams on a per-program basis:

  • Participating in their planning process providing community perspectives and risk assessment.
  • Designing communication plans for activities targeting Wikimedia communities.
  • Drafting and posting announcements and/or review messages posted by the project.
  • Watching project-specific channels.
  • Organizing calls for community feedback.
  • Turning user feedback into bug reports or actionable tasks.
  • Facilitating conversations and meetings with the communities.
  • Providing design advice and assets for initiatives led by the Community Engagement department.

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The Community Relations team was born in July 2018. It was preceded by the Technical Collaboration team, which was organized in two sub-teams: Community Liaisons (now Community Relations Specialists) and Developer Relations. Community Liaisons expanded their scope beyond software projects to support all the Wikimedia Foundation teams. Developer Relations moved to the Technology department and now they are integrated in the Developer Advocacy team.