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Community Relations/Goals

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These are the Technical Collaboration team quarterly goals. Team members also have individual quarterly goals, which are listed in the related Phabricator tasks. To learn how we plan our quarterly goals, see Technical Collaboration/Planning#Quarterly goals.

Q3 January - March 2018

Tracked in Phabricator:
Task T184080

See phab:T184080

Q2 October - December 2017


See phab:T175000

Q1 July - September 2017


See phab:T169739

Q4 April - June 2017


See phab:T163441

Q3 January - March 2017


Slides and minutes of the quarterly check-in meeting hosted on April 17th.

Q2 October - December 2016

Quarterly check-in slides. Technical collaboration information can be found in pages 10 (Community Wishlist goal), 21-28 (rest of goals and other remarks), and 31-33 (scorecards). See also the related notes.
Goal Measurement of success ETA Dependency Status
Help to define next steps concerning Flow development, based on the Flow Satisfaction Survey
  • Publication of the Flow Satisfaction Survey results including an analysis and raw data
  • Support to the Collaboration team discussing and publishing next steps concerning Flow development.
EoQ Collaboration Ongoing
Identify features promoting contributions from mobile readers that would be welcomed by experienced editors to diversify reach
  •  Community consultation targeting experienced editors, about welcomed features that would allow mobile apps users to start contributing.
  •  Publication of the conclusions and results of the consultation, informing the plans of the Mobile Apps team to implement new experimental features in the Wikipedia app for Android.
EoQ Mobile Apps Ongoing
First review of the Technical Collaboration Guidance by Foundation Product teams and most active technical volunteers
  • Call for review of the Technical Collaboration Guidance materials available as of October 1, inviting all Foundation Product teams and at least 50 volunteers very active in product development discussions relating to a variety Wikimedia projects and software products.
  •  Discussion and integration of the feedback received.
  •  Pilot the TCG with a product/product team/community liaison
EoQ Product Ongoing
Improve the representation of Wikimedia communities beyond English Wikipedia in the Community Wishlist Survey 2016
  •  Achieve higher participation than last year in the definition of proposals and their voting on the Community Wishlist Survey.
  •  Achieve better coverage of communities beyond the Wikipedias.
EoQ Community Tech Done
Prepare a program for Wikimedia Developer Summit 2017 to effectively address current high level movement needs
  •  Craft a Summit program that reflects key topics and areas expected to impact the Wikimedia Strategy and the Community Wishlist 2017.
  •  Curate registration of the event to reflect representative participation of Foundation's Technology and Product decision-makers (lead engineers, product managers, budget owners) as well as volunteers involved in the main topics scheduled.
EoQ Wikimedia Developer Summit organization team, Technology, Product, Finance, Travel Done

Q1 July - September 2016

Quarterly review slides. Technical Collaboration starts in page 17, and there is more information in the Appendices (page 40).
Goal Measurement of success ETA Dependency Status
Cleanup of community-related documentation on Office wiki

(Annual Plan - CE - Program 7)

  • Update “how tos” template and pages linked therefrom
  • Document structure of CE
  • Cleanup CE pages to make resources more useful
EoQ Support and Safety (contributing writers) Done
Technical Collaboration Guidance on project information

(Annual Plan - CE - Program 7 - Goal 2)

  • T137826: Recommendations for announcing new project proposals
  • T120070: Recommendation for projects requesting prioritization or resources
  • T137825: Recommendations for publishing project updates
EoQ Product management (for initial feedback) Done
Work with communities to learn how inter-wiki search might work

(Annual Plan - CE - Program 7 - Goal 1)

  • Call for feedback sent to targeted communities.
  • Volunteers contribute ideas, get involved, and help improving the plan.
  • Based on the experience, feedback for the Technical Collaboration Guidance is provided.
EoQ Discovery team (involving community liaison in the project) Done
Hire a Developer Advocate for the Technical Collaboration team

(Annual Plan - CE - Program 8)

  • Publish a Developer Advocate job opening consistent with annual plan.
  • Promote the job opening to audiences consistent with TC and WMF strategy.
  • Process candidates, select one, and send them a job offer.
EoQ Talent & Culture (handling the job opening, promoting it, screening candidates) Done

Q4 April - June 2016

Quarterly review slides. Technical Collaboration starts in page 16, and there is more information in the Appendices (page 41).
Goal Measurement of Success ETA Dependency Status
Communication workflows between WMF Product teams and Wikimedia communities
  • Product page template reflecting PDP status and history.
  • Agreement on when and how Product teams communicate.
  • Agreement on when and how communities provide feedback.
  • Plan to expand communication with tech ambassadors and translators.
6/30 Product, community consensus. Complete
Technical Collaboration participation in Wikimania
  • Hackathon focusing on Community Wishlist and newcomers.
  • Hackathon showcase promoted to non-technical audiences.
  • Well-prepared presentations bring feedback to Technical Collaboration Guidance.
  • Contribution to informative Community Engagement presence in Community Village.
6/30 Wikimania organization (Hackathon), PC&L (CE stand). Complete
A plan for the top ten Community Wishlist tasks driven by volunteers
  • Selection of 10 most voted suitable tasks.
  • Technical and social feasibility assessment for each task.
  • Recommendations for next steps vetted by developers.
  • Plan for recruiting volunteer developers for each task.
6/30 Community Tech, related develop mentors / maintainers. Ongoing
Experiment with “user interaction” Consultation
  • Gather proposals from readers and editors around how to make Wikipedia more interactive, using a new interface.
  • Document gathered solutions, lessons learned, and next steps.
6/30 Reading, community consensus. Complete

January - March 2016

Goal Measurement of Success ETA Dependency Status
Clarify community engagement in WMF product development process
  • Documented steps for engaging with communities in product stages
  • Proposal for product prioritization which includes communities
3/31 Product, Community participation Ongoing
Connect the Community Wishlist and other tech priorities with the 2016 Hackathon
  • The majority of participants in Jerusalem plan to work on Community Wishlist tasks.
  • The Community Wishlist is an important factor in developer engagement and travel sponsorship decisions.
3/31 Community Tech, Wikimedia Hackathon 2016 organizers Ongoing
Agree on and how to implement actions to prioritize code review of patches submitted by volunteers
  • Consensus among stakeholders about process changes to be implemented
3/31 WMF Engineering teams, Volunteer Developers Ongoing
Improved engagement between product teams and communities
  • Casual roundtables between product teams & communities
  • IRC office hours with vertical leads
  • Integration of community into UX conversations in Reading
3/31 Product team leads, Community participation Ongoing
Technical Collaboration Annual Plan
  • First iteration of a CE-S strategy is completed and publicly documented.
  • Requests for FY 2016-17 are reflected in WMF Annual Plan.
3/31 -- Ongoing