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Tell people how you have benefited from contributing to Wikipedia

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Some people in your audience might think "But what is the benefit to me if I spend time contributing to Wikipedia?" Since contributing to Wikipedia can be time-consuming, this is a logical question.

Think about the moment when you started contributing to Wikipedia. Why did you click the edit button? Personal anecdotes can be convincing and talking about your own experiences will make your presentation more authentic.

Aside from your own story, there are a number of reasons why someone would benefit from contributing to Wikipedia:

  • Sharing knowledge makes you happy.
  • You expand your knowledge while editing.
  • Your communication skills will improve, as you will engage in lively discussions and debates.
  • You will meet new people who are interested in the same topics as you.
  • We all use Wikipedia then, why not help it grow? Think of doing a favour in return of knowledge you have had from it .

Consider the following talking points: Why did you ever start contributing? Why do you still contribute? (often not the same reasons) Your audience will love to hear your story.

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