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This metadata template displays a unique identifiers related to the topic of the Commons page and links pages to to the corresponding entries in library catalogs and other authority files all over the world.. At the moment, it is used almost exclusively in biographical pages (categories and creator templates) and pages related to GLAM institutions (Categories and institution templates). They can provide additional information about the person, link to works written by and about the person and in general allow more precise disambiguation.

The following authority authority files are supported :

  1. Virtual International Authority File (VIAF)
  2. Integrated Authority File (GND)
  3. Library of Congress Control Number (LCCN)
  4. Notice d'autorité personne by the Bibliothèque nationale de France (BNF)
  5. LIBRIS by the National Library of Sweden (SELIBR)
  6. Open Researcher and Contributor ID (ORCID)
  7. Dutch Biography Portal (Biografisch Portaal or BPN)
  8. Where possible, the template also generates a link to WorldCat Identities, using the LCCN or VIAF variable.
  9. many more...

To add additional value for the reader, the identifiers are linked to the corresponding entries in the online databases of the Virtual International Authority File, the German National Library and the contents of the Libary of Congress' authority records hosted by the Online Computer Library Center. These links are expected to change when better tools become available that use these identifiers to present the readers with access to online catalogues and other sources of information about the article's subject.

The inclusion of such data was pioneered by the German Wikipedia at the request of the library community. As of January 2013, the German Wikipedia had over 276,000 articles tagged with "Normdaten", the English Wikipedia has about 260,000 articles tagged with {{Authority control}}.

Use Help:Gadget-VIAFDataImporter gadget to easiest way to add the templates.

The template automatically sets the following categories: Category:Categories with authority control data and can set one of Category:Authority control template maintenance subcategories


{{Authority control |VIAF= |LCCN= |GND= |SELIBR= |BNF= |SUDOC= |ULAN= |ISNI= }}

Template parameters

VIAFVirtual International Authority File: International authority data on persons (and other?) from the Online Computer Library Center (OCLC). The VIAF combines authority records from around 20 national libraries and other authority files like the Getty Union List of Artist Names. The VIAF ID corresponding to the subject of the article can be found on http://viaf.org, which combines authority records from many organizations worldwide into single datasets. Enter the person's name in the search field and find the corresponding dataset in the search results. The VIAF ID can be found underneath the name list. If the entries for a particular person in the various authority records haven't been merged into a single VIAF dataset yet, use the VIAF ID that contains the subject's LCCN. Sooner or later VIAF will merge them into one dataset and redirect to this from old IDs.emptyoptional
LCCNLibrary of Congress Control Number: Authority data on persons (and other?) from the Library of Congress. The Library of Congress Control Number can be found on various websites. The easiest way is via http://viaf.org (see above). Other options are the websites of Library of Congress Identities and Worldcat Identities.

Note that the LCCN has to be formatted in a special way so it can be used in the template: it consists of a alphabetic prefix ("n", "nr", "no", etc..), the year (two digits, four digits since 2001) and a 6-digit serial number. These parts have to be separated by a "/" and leading zeros of the serial number have to be removed.

  • "n 79063767" → "n/79/63767"
  • "n 79022889" → "n/79/22889"
  • "no2010136878" → "no/2010/136878"
ARCArchival Research Catalog index: Authority data on persons from US National Archives and Records Administration. The ARC can be found via http://www.archives.gov/research/arc/ .emptyoptional
GNDIntegrated Authority File (Gemeinsame Normdatei): Authority data from the German National Library. The GND can be found via OGND. In the online catalogue of the German National Library the GND can either be found in the browser's address bar as part of the website's address or as the last part of a web address in the field named "Link zu diesem Datensatz".emptyoptional
TYPTypes of GND entries. Supported (not yet used) types:
TypGerman (official)English (translation)
p Person (individualisiert) person (individualized)
n Name (nicht individualisiert) person (not individualized)
k Körperschaft corporate body
v Veranstaltung event
w Werk work
s Sachbegriff term
g Geografikum place
PNDPersonennamendatei: Deprecated authority data on persons from the German National Library. Now part of the GND. Note that only records where the name field is labeled "Person" are valid PND records that can be used in this template. If the name field is labeled "Name", this particular record is not individualized, which means that the record can contain publications of various authors of the same name.emptyoptional
SELIBRSELIBR by the National Library of Sweden: Authority data on persons (and other?) from the National Library of Sweden. The identifier can be found via http://viaf.org. The VIAF datasets containing such identifiers link to the authority records at http://libris.kb.se . Copy the number in the last part of that web address and paste it into the SELIBR parameter in the template.emptyoptional
BNFBibliothèque nationale de France index: Authority data on persons from the French National Library, using the permanent Archival Resource Key. The ARK may be found in http://catalogue.bnf.fr/; e.g. for Albert Einstein: ark:/12148/cb119016075/PUBLICcb119016075emptyoptional
BPNBiografisch Portaal numberemptyoptional
ULANUnion List of Artist Names: Authority data on persons from J. Paul Getty Trust. ULAN is an online database using a controlled vocabulary currently containing around 293,000 names and other information about artists. Names in ULAN may include given names, pseudonyms, variant spellings, names in multiple languages, and names that have changed over time (e.g., married names).emptyoptional
ORCIDAuthority data on researchers, academics, etc. The ID range has been defined as a subset of the forthcoming ISNI range. Authors—including Wikipedia editors—may obtain an ORCID by signing up at orcid.org.emptyoptional
RIDAn identifying system for scientific authors. The system was introduced in 2008 by Thomson Reuters. The combined use of the Digital Object Identifier with the ResearcherID allows for a unique association of authors and scientific articles. (http://www.researcherid.com)emptyoptional
ISNIInternational Standard Name Identifier: Number that uniquely identify the public identity of contributor to media content such as books, TV programmes, and newspaper articles. This identifier can be found on http://isni.oclc.nl/. This identifier is also provided by "justlinks" VIAF API. Use numerical format of this identifier like "0000000081386064".emptyoptional
BIBSYSBIBSYS is a supplier of library and information systems for all Norwegian university Libraries, the National Library of Norway, college libraries, and a number of research libraries and institutions. (http://ask.bibsys.no/ask/action/smpsearch)emptyoptional
KIDKunstindeks Danmark ID (Danish artists)emptyoptional
FotoBiblFotoBibl ID (Austrian photographers)emptyoptional
MuseofileMuseofile ID (French museums)emptyoptional
TSURLLink to WP-Personeninfo on toollabs (http://tools.wmflabs.org/persondata/).emptyoptional
WORLDCATIDWhen using the parameter LCCN a link will be automatically added to WorldCat database. WORLDCATID can be used to provide alternative link without LCCN.emptyoptional
bare"bare=1" will show only links without top line or the box. This option is used in {{creator}} to display authority data.emptyoptional

Additional information

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To add your language to the list of languages supported by this template, please edit the template and add a row to the "{{LangSwitch|}}" construct. It takes the form "|xx= Your translation " (xx being the code of your language)


  • {{Authority control|TYP=p|GND=119408643|LCCN=n/79/113947|BNF=cb13746617f|VIAF=59263727|ISNI=0000000081386064}} (for Alexander Graham Bell) produces:
  • {{Authority control|TYP=p|GND=119408643|LCCN=n/79/113947|BNF=cb13746617f|VIAF=59263727|ISNI=0000000081386064|bare=1}} (for Alexander Graham Bell) produces: