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Template:Board elections 2008

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The election ended 21 June 2008. No more votes will be accepted.
The results were announced on 26 June 2008.
Please do not edit this page. (It contains the official rules and is the source for translations; propose changes on the talk page.)
2008 board elections


This template is the navigation box for 2008 Board election pages.

On English pages

Place the following code on English pages:

{{board elections 2008/en}}

On non-English pages

Create the template
1. Open a new page at "Template:Board elections 2008/code"; replace "code" with the lowercase language code (search codes). For example, the French template should be at "Template:Board elections 2008/fr".
2. Copy the code below to the new page.
{{board elections 2008
 |language               = en

 |2008 board elections   = 2008 board elections
 |organization           = Organization

 |introduction and rules = Introduction and rules
 |candidate presentations= Candidate presentations
 |vote                   = Vote
 |results                = Results
 |election committee     = Election committee
 |translation            = Translation
 |update requests        = Update requests
3. Replace "en" with the lowercase language code (search codes).
4. Translate everything on the right side of the '=' symbol.
5. Once the new template has been created, simply place it on all pages in that language with this code (changing 'en' to the right code):
{{board elections 2008/en}}
6. The template will link to translated pages if they exist (for example, "Board elections/2008/fr" for French). If they don't, it will link to the English pages like "Election notice (en)".

For help translating, see Translations and Board elections/2008/Translation.

Other language versions