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This template generates the equivalent of CSS3 style property column-rule [1]

The value specified is similar to the CSS style border property: width style color.

  • If the specified width of the column rule is non-zero and if the rule itself is visible (does not use the transparent color, or its style is neither none or hidden), you should define a non-zero column gap larger than this rule.
  • A common value for the column rule style is 1px solid #AAA which gives a solid gray line (and the column gap should be set to 1em
  • The column rule will only appear centered in the middle of the column gap separating pairs of sucessive columns, it will not be rendered if only one column can fit in the multi-column parent container.


  • {{column-rule|1px solid #AAA}} gives:
    column-gap:1px solid #AAA;


  1. CSS Multi-column Layout Module, W3C specification.

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