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Efter forslags fasen tager vi en pause for at gennemgå forslagene inden afstemnings fasen begynder.

Alle aktive bidragsydere kan gennemlæse og stemme på de forslag de ønsker at støtte. Du kan stemme på så mange forskellige forslag du ønsker. For at sikre en fair afstemning kan kun registrerede brugere stemme, og stemmer fra helt nye kontoer kan blive fjernet.

De eneste stemmer der tæller er For stemmerne. Den endelig liste af ønsker vil blive rangeret i rækkefølge efter de fleste for stemmer. If you are the proposer, a support vote is automatically counted for your proposal.

However, lively discussion is encouraged during the voting phase. If you want to post an Oppose or Neutral vote with a comment, then feel free to do so. These discussions can help people to make up their mind about whether they want to vote for the proposals. The discussions also provide useful input to guide the work that will happen through the year.

A reasonable amount of canvassing is acceptable. You've got an opportunity to sell your idea to as many people as you can reach. Feel free to reach out to other people in your project, WikiProject or user group. Obviously, this shouldn't involve sockpuppets, or badgering people to vote or to change their vote. But a good-faith "get out the vote" campaign is absolutely okay.