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Hola Fuera del tema. La página que has creado se encuentra fuera del alcance de Meta, y será eliminada pronto. Esta es una wiki para la documentación de los proyectos Wikimedia, y contenido de ese tipo no es aceptado. Gracias. ~~~~

Template documentation
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{{subst:not an encyclopedia}} {{subst:offtopic}} (es: {{subst:fuera del tema}}) {{subst:offtopic-edits}} {{subst:Norecreate}} {{subst:Deleted userpage}}
{{subst:blocked}} {{subst:spambot}} {{proxy}} {{proxy-global}} {{indefblocked}} {{sockpuppet}} {{checkuserblock}}
Underlay {{Warning message}}


This template is designed to inform in Spanish the creators of off-topic pages that Meta does not host such content and that it does not belong here. It is intended as an alternative to {{Notwp}}; sometimes, material created and deleted here should not be on Wikipedia either.