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If you are interested to receive news and announcements related to Wiki in Africa on your talk page, please add your name below in the following format : # {{#target:User talk:Your User Name Here| site= Your preferred Wikimedia site here}}

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  1. User talk:Anthere meta.wikimedia.org
  2. User talk:Shahadusadik meta.wikimedia.org
  3. User talk:Alhassan Peter meta.wikimedia.org
  4. User talk:Musahfm meta.wikimedia.org
  5. User talk:Yakubu Fadila dag.wikipedia.org
  6. User talk:Lutfah1984 dag.wikipedia.org
  7. User talk:Dnshitobu dag.wikipedia.org
  8. User talk:Alhaj Darajaati dag.wikipedia.org
  9. User talk:Ruky Wunpini dag.wikipedia.org
  10. User talk:Din-nani1 dag.wikipedia.org
  11. User talk:Munkaila Sulemana dag.wikipedia.org
  12. User talk:Alhassan Mohammed Awal dag.wikipedia.org
  13. User talk:Attah Mohammed dag.wikipedia.org
  14. User talk:issahiddris dag.wikipedia.org
  15. User talk:Abubakar280 dag.wikipedia.org
  16. User talk:Faakorafik dag.wikipedia.org
  17. User talk:Sir Amugi dag.wikipedia.org
  18. User talk:Nehaoua ar.wikipedia.org
  19. User talk:Obuezie meta.wikimedia.org
  20. User talk:Akwugo meta.wikimedia.org
  21. User talk:AgnesAbah meta.wikimedia.org
  22. User talk:Atibrarian meta.wikimedia.org
  23. User talk:Onyinyeonuoha meta.wikimedia.org
  24. User talk:Lebron jay meta.wikimedia.org
  25. User talk:GladysEnwonwu meta.wikimedia.org#
  26. User talk:Nwonwu Uchechukwu P meta.wikimedia.org
  27. User talk:Munkaila Sulemana dag.wikipedia.org