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Word Example Explanation
{{LOCALDAY}} 17 Displays the local day of the month in numeric form.
{{LOCALDAY2}} 17 Same as {{LOCALDAY}}, but with a leading zero (01 .. 31).
{{LOCALDAYNAME}} Thursday Name of the day in the language of the project or English.
{{LOCALDOW}} 4 Same as {{LOCALDAYNAME}}, but as a number (0=Sunday, 1=Monday...).
{{LOCALMONTH}} 06 The number 01 .. 12 of the month.
{{LOCALMONTHABBREV}} Jun Same as {{LOCALMONTH}}, but in abbreviated form as Jan .. Dec.
{{LOCALMONTHNAME}} June Same as {{LOCALMONTH}}, but in named form as January .. December.
{{LOCALTIME}} 03:36 The local time (00:00 .. 23:59).
{{LOCALHOUR}} 03 The local hour (00 .. 23).
{{LOCALWEEK}} 24 Number of the local week (1-53) according to ISO 8601 with no leading zero.
{{LOCALYEAR}} 2021 Returns the local year.
{{LOCALTIMESTAMP}} 20210617033602 ISO 8601 time stamp.