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This template provides the label of a Wikidata Item in another language.

Modules Used[edit]


{{Llink | Wikidata QID | languagecode }} If second parameter (language) is not given, the Wikidata label in local language is generated.


  1. . {{Llink |Q1|hi}} gives ब्रह्माण्ड
  2. . {{Llink |Q1}} gives Universe in home language.


The Wikidata label in a language is not necessarily the sitelink of the Wikiipedia page for that Wikidata item in that language. Therefore, using the labels to provide site links (even with a interwiki preface) may not work in several cases like:

  1. . When the site is linked but a label in that language is not entered in the Wikidata page for that item.
  2. . When the label is entered but there is not a corresponding Wikipedia page in that language.
  3. . When there is a page with the same title as the label but the page itself is a disambiguation page.