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Template documentation

This template creates a slideshow gallery with a randomised order – i.e. it changes when the page is purged.


As many images and captions as desired may be specified, in the following format:

{{Random slideshow 
| First image  | first caption
| second image | second caption
| third image  | third caption

Credits (e.g. "Photograph: Example") may be specified, using the following format

{{Random slideshow 
| First image  | first caption | credit1=
| second image | second caption | credit2=
| third image  | third caption | credit3=


|1=, |3=, |5=, ... (or equivalent positional parameters)
File name. The "File:" prefix is optional.
|2=, |4=, |6=, ... (or equivalent positional parameters)
Caption for the file.
|credit1=, |credit2=, |credit3=, ...
Credits for the file. Optional.
Maximum width for all images; default is 100% (intended for use inside portal components)
Can be specified as a % (e.g. 75%), or in ems (e.g. 30em), or in px (e.g. 200px)
If a unit is not specified, px is assumed (i.e. 350 is equivalent to 350px)
Set to no or false to turn off the randomisation.


Purge this page to see these galleries in a different order


{{Box-header|title=Selected pictures}}
{{Random slideshow 
| File:Cat playing with a lizard.jpg | Cat playing with a lizard
| Felis silvestris catus lying on rice straw.jpg | Cat lying on rice straw
| Mumbai 03-2016 63 Dhobi Talao Chowk.jpg | Cats in Mumbai
| File:Felis catus-cat on snow.jpg | Cat on snow
| Tired 20-year-old cat.jpg | Tired cat

Selected pictures


{{Random slideshow | width=275
| File:Agouti Mice.jpg | Two mice | credit1= Photograph: Pogrebnoj-Alexandroff
| Brown mouse.jpg | Brown mouse | credit2= Photograph: [[User:Kulmalukko|Tiia Monto]]
| File:Farbmaeuse.jpg | Mice with food | credit3= Photograph: [[c:User:Whitesky~commonswiki|Whitesky]]
| File:Farbmaus.JPG | Mouse on a wheel | credit2= Photograph: [[de:User:R2Dine|R2Dine]]
| White lab mouse in hand B.jpg | A mouse in the hand is worth two in the bush | credit4= Photograph: Pogrebnoj-Alexandroff