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This documentation subpage contains instructions, categories, or other information that is not part of the template. To view the Template page itself, see Template:Research Project.

This template sets up a research project information box that summarizes the basic information about a research project that is related to one or more Wikimedia projects. To use the template, copy and paste the code below to the top of your project page and fill out the fields as instructed by comments.

Example template code
<!-- Title
The title of the project, this field is mandatory. -->

<!-- Contact 
Who should be contacted for more information about this project? Use the "Investigator" template to add name and main affiliation. For example: 
{{Investigator|John Doe|Invisible College}} -->

<!-- Co-investigators
Who else is working on this project? List coinvestigators using the "Investigator" template.
See hereinbefore for example. -->

<!-- Wikimedia Foundation contact
Who, if anyone, at the Wikimedia Foundation has been working with you on this project? For example: [[User:DarTar|Dario Taraborelli]]
Leave this blank if unsure.-->

<!-- Start
When will the project begin? -->

<!-- End
When will the project be complete or when was it completed? -->

<!-- Status
Choose one from the following optional values: 
planned, in-progress, completed -->

<!-- Fields
What academic fields is this study relevant to?  
See [[Template:Field check]] for field abbreviations. Use one field per line and leave the rest blank. For example: 
cs = "computer science" and ps = "psychology". -->

<!-- Open datasets
Will the datasets from this project be publicly released under an open license? See [[Research:Open data]] for requirements. Leave blank if no or unsure. -->

<!-- Open access
Will the published results of this work be released openly? 
See [[Research:Open access]] for requirements.  
Leave blank if no or unsure. -->