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Mallineen ohje
Ylivalvojien hyväksyminen vuosille alkaa {{{startday}}} ja päättyy {{{endday}}}.

The Steward Confirmations are an opportunity for the Wikimedia community to comment on the performance of existing stewards. To make the process as smooth as possible, the confirmations are organized as follows.

To comment, please log in with an account that has edits (on any wiki) before {{{startday}}}. During the [[Stewards/Elections {{{year}}}|{{{year}}} Elections]], please mention if you are comfortable or unhappy with the use of steward tools of any of the people listed below and why.

After the election, stewards (including the newly-elected ones) are invited to review the confirmation comments and to give their impression of the outcome (consensus to confirm/remove etc.) on [[Talk:Stewards/Confirm/{{{year}}}|Talk:Stewards/Confirm/{{{year}}}]] for every steward who stood for confirmation. Of course, they are not required to do this for every candidate and will be especially careful to do it regarding someone about whom they expressed strong opinions in the confirmation. Non-steward comments are welcome outside of the "Final Decision" section, subject to the usual expectations of civility. Confirmation discussions will last one week after the appointment of the newly elected stewards. This may be extended to two weeks for one or more confirmations at the discretion of the Election Committee if the committee believes further input is required before concluding. The Election Committee will close these discussions and implement the outcome (which also means making a decision in non-obvious cases).

All stewards elected before {{{month}}} {{{year}}} will undergo this process.

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