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Template documentation
This template is used to invite participants to the translation — not for the current page, but for transcluded pages (header boxes, infoboxes etc.) — through a Translate Extension (if possible).
  • pagename or 1 (required) — target pagename for translation
  • label or 2 (optional) — text label for translate link; by default the UI-translated text from MediaWiki:Allmessages-filter-translate
  • switch (optional) — if set to a non-empty value, the target 'pagename' will be edited directly when it is not translatable via the Translate Extension (for example, an autotranslated template containing translations inside its code, using {{LangSwitch}}; this should not be used for complex templates but simple templates containing a single message, or very few with minimalist layout)
  • icon (optional) — if set to a non-empty value, display a smaller icon (with the label text shown as hint when hovering) instead of the text of the label