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Template:User SW

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I'm a Star Wars fan!
Template documentation

Please read the documentation before you start editing!


Feel free to translate this template into your language(s), if it shows English text for you. Please sort translations alfabetically. Please also add a title in your language only if it has ever appeared in any SW source (for example: a movie).

If a translation does not exist in any language, the template will show the English version.

If any language is written in more than one language (for example: Serbian, Kazakh), please type the translation in all of them. They should be devided by <br/>.


The template has only one parameter. It can be used to choose a concrete language, in which the template should appear (works only if the translation exists in a chosen language). If the parameter is not choosen, the template will appear in a language, which page visitor has set in their preferences.

Changing the text[edit]

The template's text can be changed by using displaytext parameter and the new text.
{{User SW|displaytext=new text}}</nowiki>


If the sentence changes in your language depending on user's gender, you can use a magic word for that. See the example (Polish sentence):

Jestem {{GENDER:{{BASEPAGENAME}}|fanem|fanką}} ''[[:w:pl:Gwiezdne wojny|Gwiezdnych wojen]]''!

First please write male version, then female version.


The template categorises page to the Category:Users interested in Star Wars.