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English Wikipedia has sorted data in a matching Category name.
Link: WikiPcat


Similar to WikiPcat, WikiPcat2 Sits left instead of Right, and the first parameter is a category page (defaults to {{PAGENAME}} when no parameters (Arguments given).

  • Like {{{WikiPcatM}} and {{WikiPcat2M}}}, WikiPcat and {{WikiPcat2}}} will both take a second argument, which for them, is the corresponding 'Main Article' for the Category referenced.


  • The difference is the 'M' templates assume the first argument (parameter) is the Article Data, The second (if any) the category (they also Default to 'Pagename' for Wikipedia category), and conversely, the non-M templates assume the first parameter is a category name, the second an article— reversing the term order, as it were.
  • This means an article can be expressed for a given category (defaulted) by using the other template series by a single argument, or the category page can be overridden by a single argument.
  • The '2' suffixed templates both sit to the LEFT, the others to the RIGHT, which can be handy working around other display restrictions such as other templates, Tables, etc.Template:WikiPcat2