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Axe 3. Education and Training
Metric 2018/19 Target
Progress (at end of Q2) Projected (end of year) Explanation
Participants 5,300 2,438 On track This number includes WikiMOOC subscribers until December 31, 2018. The MOOC currently counts 8 registrations per day which allows us to project a figure for the next 6 months. We did not count participants in the Wikiconcours high school student.
Newly registered editors 1,350 200 On track We have included WikiMOOC participants who have created an account on Wikipedia and plan to exceed the target set due to the large number of Wikiconcours high school students.
Pages added/improved 21,500 4,805 On track We expect to achieve the goal in view of the expected contributions in the WikiMOOC and Wikiconcours high school student.
Volunteer hours 460 194 On track Via the Wikiconcours which should see its number of registered participants increase and a MOOC which will not require new filming, the number of volunteer hours reflects the long-term involvement linked to support for teachers’ educational projects.
Partners satisfaction 85% to be evaluated in June 2019 On track This result will be collected by means of an annual survey sent out to partners having supported at least one contribution-related activity during the year.
Numbers of educational establishment using Wikipedia in a educational project 70 73 Achieved As part of the Wikiconcours high school student, 70 institutions are registered and lead a teaching project with Wikipedia. 3 other institutions are also conducting a pedagogical project. We are in conversation with 2 other institutions that should integrate a project in the next 6 months.
Numbers of volunteers involved into Wikiconcours 10 To be evaluated in June 2019 On track We would like to get non-member contributors more involved, in the same way as Wiki Loves Monuments and the checkers.
Numbers of diploma courses integrating the contribution to Wikimedia projects 5 3 On track Calculating the integration of contributions to Wikimedia projects in diploma courses is a relevant indicator regarding the efforts made by the association.
Numbers of consultation of the educational kit 4,800 3,000 On track The number of visits has increased significantly from 3,000 visits per year to 3,000 visits every 6 months.
Numbers of participants having completed the Wikimooc 3 400 To be evaluated in June 2019 On track Based on data from the previous years, but in view of the new format chosen this year, we hope to reach this goal.
Numbers of new editors still editing Wikimedia project a year after completed the Wikimooc 40 to be evaluated in June 2019 On track Based on data from the previous years, we believe that 40 people will continue contributing a year after the MOOC ends, i.e.10%
Percentage of volunteers expressing an increased level of skills 75% to be evaluated in June 2019 On track A survey will be sent out to volunteers having completed a training course run by Wikimedia France. We estimate that three quarters of the participants will declare that they have acquired new skills during the year.