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[AM] Wikimedia Armenia (Armenia)[edit]


Susanna Mkrtchyan

Supervision Commission

[AR] Wikimedia Argentina (Argentina)[edit]


[AT] Wikimedia Österreich (Austria)[edit]


Elected 2018-06-02 until 2020.


[AU] Wikimedia Australia (Australia)[edit]

Committee (elected 13 September 2020):

[BD] Wikimedia Bangladesh (Bangladesh)[edit]

[BE] Wikimedia Belgium (Belgium)[edit]

See wmbe:Board for an overview of the board positions within Wikimedia Belgium.

Board members
  • President: Geert Van Pamel - User:Geertivp - geert.van.pamel [at] wikimedia.be in Dutch, English or French.
  • Secretary & Member communication: Robin - User:SPQRobin - robin [at] wikimedia.be in Dutch, English, French or German.
  • Treasurer & community initiatives: Romaine - User:Romaine - romaine [at] wikimedia.be in Dutch or English.
  • Institutions Liaison: Alberto - User:Afernand74 - alberto [at] wikimedia.be in Spanish, English, French or Dutch.
  • AnneJea - User:AnneJea - annejea [at] wikimedia.be in French and English.
  • Lionel Scheepmans - User:Lionel Scheepmans - lionel [at] wikimedia.be in French and English.

[CA] Wikimedia Canada (Canada)[edit]

In 2020, the Board of Directors is:

[CH] Wikimedia CH (Switzerland)[edit]

[CL] Wikimedia Chile (Chile)[edit]

[CO] Wikimedia Colombia (Colombia)[edit]

[CZ] Wikimedia Česká republika (Czechia)[edit]

Board and Audit committee elected by the general assembly.

[DE] Wikimedia Deutschland (Germany)[edit]

Board elected in 2020:

[DK] Wikimedia Danmark (Denmark)[edit]

[EE] Wikimedia Eesti (Estonia)[edit]

  • Board Members:
    • Eva Lepik
    • Märt Põder
    • Nicolás Tamargo de Eguren
    • Ursula Erik
    • Teele Vaalma
  • Audit committee:
    • Tanel Pern
    • Luc Saffre

[ES] Wikimedia España (Spain)[edit]

See https://www.wikimedia.es/inicio/nuestro-trabajo/ for a current list and biographies of board members.

[FI] Wikimedia Suomi (Finland)[edit]

Effective 2020-01-01.

[FR] Wikimédia France (France)[edit]

See https://www.wikimedia.fr/conseil-dadministration/ for a current list and biographies of board members.

[GB] Wikimedia UK (United Kingdom)[edit]

See wmuk:board for a current list and biographies of board members.

[HU] Wikimédia Magyarország (Hungary)[edit]

[ID] Wikimedia Indonesia (Indonesia)[edit]

The administrative board (2016–2018).

[IL] Wikimedia Israel (Israel)[edit]

  • Board Members
  • Audit committee
    • Sandra Zonensein
    • Orit Simon
  • Other major functions
    • Michal Lester, executive director

[IN] Wikimedia India (India (derecognized))[edit]

  • Rahul Deshmukh (President)
  • Sanket Oswal (Treasurer)
  • Yohann Thomas (Secretary)
  • Viswanathan Prabhakaran
  • Santosh Shingare

For biographical summaries, please visit Wikimedia India Chapter Executive Committee Members

[IT] Wikimedia Italia (Italy)[edit]

[MX] Wikimedia México (Mexico)[edit]

Updated 2018-06-09

[NL] Wikimedia Nederland (Netherlands)[edit]

A new board was elected on April 13, 2019. On April 18, 2020 two members resigned according to the roster of appointments. The current members of the board:

  • Justus de Bruijn, secretary
  • Lizzy Jongma, open knowledge and partnerships
  • Bart Nieuwenhuis, treasurer
  • Jan Bart de Vreede, çhair
  • Michel Wesseling, fundraising

[NO] Wikimedia Norge (Norway)[edit]

Updated 2019-03-31 Elected board as of annual meeting 9 March 2019:

Presentation in English

[PL] Wikimedia Polska (Poland)[edit]

Board is elected by General Assembly for a two-year term. Board elected in 2020:

[PT] Wikimedia Portugal (Portugal)[edit]

A new board was elected on September 1, 2018. The current members of the board:

[RS] Викимедија Србије (Serbia)[edit]

[RU] Викимедиа РУ (Russia)[edit]

[SE] Wikimedia Sverige (Sweden)[edit]

[TW] Wikimedia Taiwan (Taiwan)[edit]

See the Chapter page.

[UA] Wikimedia Ukraine (Вікімедіа Україна) (Ukraine)[edit]

See the Chapter page.

[US-DC] Wikimedia District of Columbia (United States)[edit]

See Wikimedia DC's official list.

[US-NYC] Wikimedia New York City (United States)[edit]

See Wikimedia NYC's official list.

[UY] Wikimedia Uruguay (Uruguay)[edit]

  • Rodrigo Barbano, president
  • Mariana Fossatti, secretary
  • Jorge Gemetto, treasurer
  • Gustavo Ginares, ordinary member

[VE] Wikimedia Venezuela (Venezuela)[edit]

[ZA] Wikimedia South Africa (South Africa)[edit]

2020 Board